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4.23.13 Hero of the Day: Chrissy Amphlett

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Name: Chrissy Amphlet
Age: was 53
Occupation: lead singer, Divinyls
Last Seen: deceased
Awarded For: giving us pleasure

In a world of no-talent dumbasses, God had to take Chrissy Amphlet away from us.

And even worse, she was given not one, but two diseases to die from.

In 1980, Amphlet met Mark McEntree at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The two formed a band, The Divinyls that became one of that country's top rock bands. The band finally got some recognition in the US with their 1985 single "Pleasure and Pain", which did well on college and alternative radio stations. The song - like many of the band's other tunes - did focus on sexuality, especially with lyrics like "don't ask me how I get off".

Amphlet was the focus of the band, always wearing sexy clothes such as school girl outfits and fishnet stockings on stage. Her sexy looks and lyrics made The Divinyls one of rock's most-provocative bands. However, after 11 years together, the floodgates opened.

In 1991, the duo released their self-titled fourth album, and the lead-off single "I Touch Myself" came out of a bat out of hell to become one of the hottest - and most-controversial - singles of 1991. Despite it being about female masturbation, it peaked at #4 on the pop charts and got extensive radio airplay. For once, The Divinyls were an international hit, and the song was featured everywhere from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery to even being parodied by Weird Al Yankovic.

Sadly, the group recorded two more albums before disbanding in 1997. They never could re-achieve the success of "I Touch Myself", but at least at one time, The Divinyls were on the top of the rock 'n roll world. They did reform in 2006 after being inducted into Australia's ARIA Hall of Fame for their musical achievements and even recorded a new album.

But sad news came in 2007 for Chrissy when she learned that she had multiple sclerosis. Things only got worse in 2010 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of her MS, she could not get radiation treatment for her cancer. She succumbed to her diseases on Sunday at the age of 53. She leaves behind a husband, drummer Charley Drayton.

Even though I was just a mere child of ten when "I Touch Myself" was released, it was part of my soundtrack growing up. I didn't know what touching yourself really meant, even one day when I was listening to my local top 40 radio station up in northern Michigan, 106 KHQ when a Pee Wee Herman impersonator introduced it as his favorite song. But eventually, I grew up and learned about its true meaning.

Like I said, how sad can it be when we have jerks like Chris Brown beating the crap out of Rihanna and tone-deaf dipshits who can't sing topping the pop charts, and yet, a woman who had talent gets BOTH MS AND breast cancer? Even worse, I watched NBC Nightly News last night and Brian Williams made no mention of Chrissy's passing (he did, however, talked about Richie Havens' passing).

But at least Chrissy made a ton of men happy. May she rest in peace. 
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