Thursday, April 25, 2013

4.25.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Alex Jones

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Name: Alex Jones
Age: 39
Occupation: right-winged wacko
Last Seen: Austin, TX
Bee-otched For: having some pretty bad fans

The great and wonderful world of AM talk radio has a huge, huge fan.

His name: Tamerlan Tsarneav.

That's right! The living suspect in last week's bombing in Boston had a huge hard-on for one of the most-idiotic hosts in the genre. And that man is Alex Jones.

The Associated Press confirmed Tsarneav was a fan of Jones on Tuesday. He was a believer of conspiracy theories, and was hooked on Jones' radio show and Infowars website. The ex-husband of his sister told the AP that he loved Jones and was always hunting down sources of those theories.

Meanwhile, Jones has been claiming on his show that the Tsarneav brothers were nothing more than government cover-ups to make the bombings look like they were from Islamics like them instead from the government themselves.

Yes, this is the same Alex Jones who has created so many weird and untrue conspiracy theories that make him look just as dumb as Dale Gribble from King of the Hill. But then again, look at some of the idiots who like dipshits like him. Remember the jerk who shot and killed the abortion doctor in his own church many years ago? He was a huge fan of The 700 Club and subscribed to its teachings on abortion. How about that redneck in Alabama who kidnapped that five-year-old boy, killed his bus driver and made him live in a sinkhole for a week? Lover of right-winged shit talk radio.

You see, you are what you hear, and when you listen to wackjobs like Alex Jones, that's what you are. You believe anything you hear and become scared in the process. I'll bet that Alex Jones made the Tsarneavs scared to death and made them hate their adopted country to the point that they wanted to kill innocent people. Sad.

Here in Michigan, the sole station carrying his show is WJML 1110/1210 Petoskey/Traverse City, MI, which displaced the more-logical Ed Schultz for his daily dreck. Even worse, northern Michigan has several talk radio stations and virtually no liberals air on them (although WJML does air an hour of Alan Colmes and that's it). I think if radio station owners cared about their listeners, they would think about what they're airing and how it affects their mentality. I think Alex Jones is a coward and just needs to get out in the sun once in a while.

And being out in the sun for Alex might save a save a few lives.

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