Tuesday, July 16, 2013

7.16.13 Bee-otch of the Day: T-Mobile

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Name: T-Mobile
Age: 23
Occupation: cell phone giant
Last Seen: Bonn, Germany
Bee-otched For: ripping me off

Like many in this whole wide world, I'm a very data-reliant guy.

For years, my internet service provider was my apartment's. Yep, they're in the media business, providing cable and internet to their many residents. But sadly, the cost is a bit much, so I've dumped cable, and I even made the decision to dump the web as well because they're a little too slow for my liking.

So, I decided to go with internet from my cell phone company, T-Mobile. They're much faster and when I'm on YouTube, it doesn't freeze often.

But, on Wednesday morning, the jig was up. T-Mobile put up a screen stating that I was beyond my free allowance on their wi-fi plan. So later that day, I called them up and asked to join their $30 per month wi-fi plan. However, they told me that it was 4 gigs for $20, 6 gigs for $30 and so on until 12 gigs for $60. So, I went with the six-gigger, thinking that it applied to the wi-fi plan.

It did not. It applied to both my cell phone and computer. Now, I was slower than a turtle with crappy 2G speeds.

So, I was on the horn with T-Mobile, and they told me that it was unlimited for a spell, but their servers kept blacking out. So, it's no longer unlimited and that once I've downloaded x amount of videos and other things that are data hogs, it will have to slow down, like it or not. I was pissed, and was thisclose to getting my old ISP back.

Thankfully, I called my apartment people, and they told me that Clear Internet was the way to go since a lot of my neighbors are using it and love it. I called them up, and within just one day, I was hooked up. It's 4G speeds and with the exception of a burp or two time and again, it's a helluva lot better than my apartment's ISP. Hell, it's faster than T-Mobile's 4G!

There you have it. T-Mobile sucks. Even worse, I'm still under contract with them. One day, I will dump them and go somewhere else. I've been a customer of theirs for years and this is bullshit. A billion-dollar company should have the capital to get high-quality servers and invest in their customers, not fuck them over.

But that's what happens when there's only four cell phone companies to choose from.

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