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7.17.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Walmart

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Name: Walmart
Age: 51
Occupation: Satan
Last Seen: Bentonville, AR
Bee-otched For: choosing dumbasses over animals

It seems that Walmart doesn't just screw over their American employees.

A Canadian Walmart employee named Carla Cheney says that she was fired from their store in Kemptville, Ontario because she berated a customer for leaving his dog in his hot truck. Her shift didn't start yet, and she wasn't wearing her uniform.

In an interview with the local CBC affiliate in Ottawa, Cheney claimed that she was threatening to call the cops if the man didn't come out soon. She sat at a picnic table as the man came out, jumped into his truck and came toward her with his truck. The man nicely introed himself and Cheney told him that he shouldn't leave his dog in his truck, and the next time he came, she would call the cops on him. Cheney then said that he would never come to that Walmart again, and she said "fine" and he left.

Later on that day, Cheney was called into her boss's office, and gave her side of the story. The manager then told her that she had no authority to tell employees how to treat their animals, and that she would be terminated as a result. Cheney claimed that she was doing the right thing, and other employees were doing the same thing as well, but apparently, she was the chosen one to go. Their excuse was she was rude to that customer, but she wasn't even on the clock when it happened.

But that's Walmart for ya: a chain that cares more about customers and money than their own underpaid employees. After all, when their founders are worth over $20 billion a piece while their employees only make less than $20,000 per year, it makes me proud that I avoid them at all costs.

But today's Bee-otch of the Day has an honorable mention, and it's the producers of Fox's Masterchef. Sadly, Walmart is a major sponsor of that show, and it's turning into a 60-minute ad for the chain. During some of the show's challenges, they use and promote Walmart products, such as their meats and produce. I cringe when the fat dude, Graham Elliot talks about how Masterchef only uses high-quality ingredients and that only one out of five steaks can be sold at Walmart.

But that reminds me of another Fox show from years past: King of the Hill. In one episode, Hank is pissed over the quality of the meat and produce that Mega-Lo Mart (the Arlen, TX version of Walmart) sells, so he joins a local co-op and is shocked that their food actually has flavor. It's the truth: Walmart doesn't have local butchers; everything's shipped in from a processing plant in Timbuk Two. I also laugh at the ads that say that Walmart "works with local farmers" to get their produce. Sadly, those farmers have never heard of Vlasic or Huffy Bikes or even Levis and others that Wally World has screwed over for years.

But that's the Walmart way. They create a situation where the world kisses their ass and they win all the time. That's why I'm glad I live in a town where there's both big chains and small guys alike. Take for an example Gordy's Market near 44th and Division here in Grand Rapids. They have new owners and a new distributor, IGA after nearly 70 years as a Spartan Store. They recently remodeled and the store looks very nice now. Their meat department is full service and is all butchered and processed on site. Heck, I like talking to their butchers! You can't do that at a Walmart.

Point is, the small guy may/might not give you the best deal on food, but it's better to shop at a place that's all about the community instead of lining 1-percenter pocketbooks. If I owned a supermarket and one of my customers kept their animals in their vehicles on a hot Summer's day, I would take action, even if that meant $100 less in a week. People who neglect animals and especially children are the real bee-otches and shouldn't have them if they keep them in their car in the Summer.

Walmart: bringing 'Murica to Canada.

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