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7.8.13 Bee-otch of the Day: LIN Media

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Name: LIN Media
Age: 52
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: Providence, RI
Bee-otched For: x-ing WXSP


I guess I won't be watching Jerry Springer for a long, long time.

Last week, LIN Media, the owners of Grand Rapids' NBC affiliate WOOD-TV 8 and ABC station WOTV 41 yanked off MyNetworkTV affiliate WXSP off of WOOD-TV 8.2 for a new network called Bounce TV.

Bounce TV was started by a group of investors, including former UN Ambassador Andrew Young and Martin Luther King III. The channel's purpose is to bring programming to an adult black audience underserved by traditional broadcast networks, and for free since many channels that are aimed towards Bounce's audience are on higher-tier cable lineups, making them hard to watch from a financial standpoint.

Programming on Bounce includes Sherri Shepard-hosted episodes of The Newlywed Game, a reality show called Forever Jones about a gospel group and countless movies.

Personally, I'm not offended by Bounce TV at all. Hell, I enjoy some of their shows, including repeats of Soul Train and even the only cartoon they show, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (which is also on Saturday mornings on Retro TV WLLA 64.3 as part of their Filmation block that also features He-ManShe-RaThe Ghost Busters (no relation to the 1984 film), The Archie Show and Bravestarr). But the sad thing is that the demotion of WXSP will leave THOUSANDS without that channel. The only way people will see WXSP now is through their low-powered repeaters (their Grand Rapids repeater's over in Walker and I'm in Kentwood and can't get it on either cable or bunny ears) or cable. WXSP does have a few good shows, like SpringerCOPS and off-network repeats and it's sad that now, many of their viewers will no longer be able to see it. I know, I'll betcha that WXSP was (ahem) bounced off because of a corporate mandate since LIN is obligated to bring Bounce TV to all the markets they serve.

Bounce is also on stations owned by Fox, Nexstar and Raycom. Here in Michigan, it's also on WXYZ-TV 7.2 in Detroit and WEYI 25.3 in Saginaw/Flint.

If I were LIN, I would get rid of TheCoolTV on 41.2 once and for all. I know, I've defended that channel in the past, but 1) most of the videos they show is crap from two years ago that fell under the radar and 2) the majority of the time, it's nothing but infomercials! Besides, everybody knows that the best place for music videos these days is YouTube. LIN should kill off TheCoolTV once and for all and bring WXSP back on 41.2.

After all, I need to know who the baby daddy is-oh, wait, that's Maury.
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