Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7.23.13 Bee-otch of the Day: panhandlers

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Name: panhandlers
Ages: various
Occupations: various
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: lying to people

Too many times, sparing a brother a dime will only do more harm than good.

Recently, our local ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids, WZZM-13 did a story on panhandlers and they interviewed a man who claims that he's a "homeless vet" and wasn't. His name's Rudy, and his turf was downtown under a US-131 overpass by a Burger King.

The highly-rated Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show on WGRD 97.9 exposed this loser by having one of their producers "Producer Joe" go to Rudy's location to hold up a bigger sign that read "LIAR" with an arrow pointed to him. Rudy started running away from Joe and eventually ended up on his bicycle, running away from him.

A day later, The Free Beer and Hot Wings show and WGRD set up a booth at Rudy's usual begging spot. This time, the money they begged for went to a legitimate cause: the money-plagued Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. The event raised $2,200 for the center from both WGRD and their listeners.

As for Rudy, he apparently has found a new begging spot.

Look, I understand that people in Grand Rapids - and elsewhere - are broke. Their unemployment's run out and they realize that some street beggars make more money than most burger flippers. But claiming that you're a veteran and you're not proves only one thing: you're an asshole. My two grandfathers were vets and my father served in Germany during Vietnam. Hell, my aunt works at the Vets Home! To use a lie to make money proves how retarded you really are.

If you beg, don't expect any love from me. Thanks, but I help real people.

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