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9.23.13 Hero of the Day: Joey Prusak

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Name: Joey Prusak
Age: 19
Occupation: Dairy Queen manager
Last Seen: Hopkins, MN
Awarded For: paying it forward


Since its doors first opened in 1940, Dairy Queen has served up its share of Banana Splits, Malts and of course, Blizzards.

Of course, some think that DQ is just like every other fast food joint, run by slack-jawed morons who make $8 per hour and disrespect the customers. But that doesn't fit Joey Prusak.

A few weeks ago, Prusak was doing his normal shift as manager at the Hopkins, MN Dairy Queen. Like many, he knows a lot of his customers, especially one who has visually impaired. Well, the blind man dropped a $20 bill and walked to his table while a lady behind him in her 50's picked it up and put it in her pocket. Prusak told her that if she did not give the man back his $20, then she would not serve her. She argued with Prusak to the point where she started cussing at the manager. She claimed that it was her money while fellow customers witnessed the whole ordeal. Finally, the dishonest old lady left and Prusak continued serving customers in a professional manner.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happened. When there were no more customers at the moment, Prusak walked over to the man, opened his pocket and gave him $20 of his own. A customer witnessed Prusak's good deed and wrote to the DQ's owner.

Soon, the letter was posted on Facebook and Twitter, and it went viral. Prusak was seen as a local hero for helping the disabled man and even Dairy Queen's billionaire owner, Warren Buffett called Prusak and praised him for his actions. Many have even stepped up to give Joey - who probably only makes $10 per hour and paid the blind man two hours of his pay - a lot more than the $20 he gave the man.

As somebody who has been to many fast food joints in his lifetime, I think my faith in DQ has risen a ton because of people like Joey. I've been to McDonald's, where I've been almost short-changed before. But as long as Joey Prusak works at a DQ, I think that place will have both loyal employees and customers alike.

Paying it forward does work.

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