Monday, September 16, 2013

THE BACK PAGE: Northern Michigan radio Facebook likes

KHQ tops the list, but something's missing...

With no ratings coming out anytime soon, I made up a list of how northern Michigan radio stations are doing in terms of ye olde Facebook.

And without further adieu...

1) 28,128 WKHQ 106 KHQ
2) 10,313 WJZQ Z93
3) 5,769 WMKC 102.9 Big Country
4) 5,617 WLXT Lite 96.3
5) 4,545 WZTC 104.5 Bob FM
6) 4,952 WTCM-FM 103.5/93.5
7) 2,542 WKLT 97.5/98.9
8) 1,943 WCDY 107.9
9) 1,410 WTCM 580 (Ron Jolly's page)
10) 1,381 WGFM Rock 105
11) 951 WFCX 94.3/92.5 The Fox FM (Grumpy Old Men's page)
12) 895 WUPS 98.5
13) 650 WDEE Sunny 97.3
14) 578 WCCW-FM Classic Hits 107.5/107.9
15) 538 WYPV 94.5/93.9 Patriot Voice (midday show's page)
16) 433 WSRT ESPN 106.7/105.5
17) 412 WLXV Mix 96
18) 377 WTWS 92.1 The Twister
19) 374 WGFN 98.1/107.1/97.7 The Bear
20) 302 WMJZ Eagle 101.5
21) 247 WMKT 1270
22) 142 WMBN 1340 The Ticket
23) 133 WJML 1110/1210
24) 83 WQEZ 95.5/106.3
25) 80 WCCW 1310
26) 37 WQON Q100 (although in all fairness, their website links to their parent company, Blarney Stone Broadcasting's page (336 likes) and not theirs)

A few notes:

*It's not surprising that KHQ's on top of the Facebook race, and so is Z93. Both stations are very well-programmed for being CHRs.

*However, this list is proof that the rock stations up north are a joke. The fact that KLT is only in 7th place and The Bear is in 19th place is proof that people are getting sick of hear the same 200 songs over and over. It doesn't surprise me that Bob FM is 5th place; it's evidence that KLT firing Finster from their morning show was a bad move and that Omelette can't do the damn thing himself and his lesser sidekicks.

*It's official: Easy 95-5/106-3 is the biggest abortion in northern Michigan radio right now. I think a TON of rock fans in northern Michigan are still PISSED over Del Reynolds killing off Real Rock 105/95-5 and turning 95-5 into a sleepy AC in the same vein as the ill-fated WSRT. Thankfully, the rock format was saved on 105.1... Sorta. Now, they play too much shit that isn't real rock at all (ie Fall Out Boy, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews, etc.) and metal has taken a back seat. Personally, I think Cartman and Terri Ray are two of the most-clueless PDs in the history of rock radio. As for Q100, I think they're decent for being an "all over the road" station, going from The Zombies one minute to The B-52's the next. True, they play out-of-place crap here and there (Maroon 5 into Foreigner, for an example), but that's what the seek button's for. Jerry Coyne just might be the best rock programmer up north as a result.

*I think it's laughable that tiny WDEE in Reed City has more followers than WCCW in Traverse City, lol.

*Lastly, there's ONE major station that's missing. It's a 100,000-watt heritage signal that once upon a time had live, local jocks and was community-focused, but has long been demoted to a crappy, satellite-fed jukebox that not only no longer has a website, but also has a silent Facebook page as well. Sad. I wish that owner would flat-out retire and sell the farm to somebody who cares about pleasing the listeners and not himself. Everything he's ever done to that station has been a disaster, and it hasn't just affected his staff, but listeners and advertisers as well. Sad.

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