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9.24.13 Bee-otches of the Day: The Emmys

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Name: The Emmys
Age: 64
Occupation: awarders of quality television
Last Seen: Hollywood, CA
Bee-otched For: choosing a druggie over talent


Sunday gave us another ho-hum Emmys.

Thankfully, I didn't watch it. The reason: I don't really care. :D

Shows that I don't even watch won big, such as Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Veep, The Colbert Report, Breaking Bad and The Voice. But it was one segment of the program that really grinded my gears.

On Sunday, Adam Klugman, the son of actor Jack Klugman blasted the Emmys for not giving his deceased father an individual Emmy tribute. The star of the 1970's sitcom The Odd Couple was a three-time Emmy winner. He died in December at the age of 90 from cancer. During the ceremony, the Emmys buried Klugman with a myriad of other passings, with some people lesser-known than others.

The individuals that were honored Sunday included Sopranos star James Gandolfini, Jean Stapleton, comic Jonathan Winters and Family Ties creator Gary David Goldberg.

But it was one of the individuals, Cory Monteith that took offense to the younger Klugman. The Glee star died in July from a heroin overdose at 31 years old. He never won an Emmy while the elder Klugman won three.

“It’s an insult and it really seems typical of this youth-centric culture that has an extremely short attention span and panders to only a very narrow demographic” of young adults, Adam Klugman told the Associated Press. "I think it's criminal. My dad was at the inception of television and helped build it in the early days.

Klugman's parents were both major TV stars; his late mother and Jack's wife - whom they lived separately but never divorced - Brett Somers, was a popular panelist on the 1970's game show favorite Match Game. She died in 2007, just months after her MG sidekick, Charles Nelson Reilly. She also appeared on The Odd Couple, playing Klugman's fictional wife.

You know, I understand the Emmys' reasoning as to why they chose Monteith over Klugman. It's all about ratings and demographics. Glee attracts young people and gays while if you ask a 25-year-old who Jack Klugman was, he or she would shrug his or her shoulders. But sadly, it's not about talent. Jack Klugman made people laugh while Cory Monteith was a coked-up loser who banged Lea Michele. Yeah, he could sing and dance and ruin perfectly good songs and make crappy songs even more into a bloody abortion (i.e. "Don't Stop Believing"). But sadly, Cory Monteith died a fucking LOSER. Thank God he's dead. I hope that it will cause Glee to get canceled.

As somebody who's only 32, I'd prefer shows such as The Odd Couple and Match Game over Glee any day. Brett and Jack were both funny and it was always something when they interacted with people, especially on MG. It's a shame that they're both gone now, but there will always be the repeats. Glee, on the other hand, will always have its audience of little dumbasses who have yet to know what good TV is.

But on the upside, Lea Michele's single! :)

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