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11.21.13 Bee-otch of the Day: retailers open on Thanksgiving

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Names: Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Old Navy, Banana Republic and others
Ages: various
Occupation: retail giants
Last Seen: various
Bee-otched For: ruining Thanksgiving


On the day of Thanksgiving, when the turkey's stuffed, cooked and trimmed with care,
sadly, dear mother won't be there.
Her bosses at Walmart are forcing her to work that day,
or else their asshole CEOs won't get their pay.

Yes, Thanksgiving seems to be a time that's surely dying for a lot of people, especially those who work in the glorious business of retail. For years, people came together on Thanksgiving and ate and farted to their hearts' content. After all, it's all about being thankful and being around family.

Usually, the day after meant waking up at 3 a.m. so you could be at the store at 4 to get those Black Friday specials. But now, the big, greedy retailers are forcing their employees to work that holiday so you can eat up that turkey and trimmings (minus mom, of course) in record time to get to the store to get those doorbuster specials. In the end, the Walmarts of the world get more profit while Thanksgiving... Thanksgiving? What's a Thanksgiving?

You see, this is why I'm proud to have parents that want nothing from me for Christmas. They give me money, and that's great. I don't need to unwrap gifts, but the thought is nice. True, I'd like a few things here and there, but they're too expensive, and no Black Thursday deal will ever be cheap enough to make it affordable.

But maybe it comes to this: I'd rather stay home with family on Turkey Day and watch the Lion game over going out to hunt for a parking spot and find deals. I'm not stupid. I'd rather be one of the smart people who would be proud to contribute to giving an overworked and underpaid Wally World worker that day off over forcing them to work that day only to make the Waltons richer.

For me, this is a topic that's close to home. My mother works in a pet hotel and has to work that day AND Christmas. Therefore, I haven't spent a holiday with her in years. I understand why, and it's because dogs and cats can't watch themselves. However, that's something else that I am thankful for, and that's the fact that I have a lot of family here in Michigan, so I'll never be alone on any holiday.

What's next? Open on Christmas? (I better not give anybody any ideas.)

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