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11.6.13 Bee-otch of the Day: WFUR

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Name: WFUR
Age: 66
Occupation: religious radio stations
Last Seen: Grand Rapids, MI
Bee-otched For: being a for-profit begging for money


A few weeks ago, I bitched about WFUR radio here in Grand Rapids creating a new translator station at 92.9 to simulcast their little-listened-to AM station at 1570. Now, they want you to help pay their bills.

Apparently, the religious station - also at 102.9 on the FM dial - is airing a beg-a-thon to help the struggling broadcasters stay on the air. According to sources, the station even thanked their sponsors, and there were only five of them.

WFUR is a white elephant in the world of commercial radio here in still-somewhat-conservative Grand Rapids. The station has been trying to rediscover their identity, especially since for years, they've strived on airing programming aimed towards an older demographic.

In recent years, WFUR hasn't subscribed to any ratings service. In the 15 years I've been looking at Grand Rapids Arbitrends, the highest I've ever seen WFUR is at a 2.0. Their listeners are dying off and the owners, the Kuipers apparently want too much money for their stations if there's a buyer. Plus, they want the stations to remain Christian because "they're doing the Lord's work".

The truth is, everybody else in Grand Rapids does a better job of "doing the Lord's work" than they do! It's sad that 102.9 is 50,000 watts and is one of Grand Rapids' most-powerful signals and it's a waste. I hope that the Kuipers come to their senses and realize that religious radio in Grand Rapids is dying. Way FM's going away, JQ99 is iffy but WCSG's doing great, but it's a soccer mom station.

If there's anything that makes Jesus cry, it's people who drive Cadillacs who beg for money.

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