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11.12.15 Bee-otch of the Day: retailers open on Thanksgiving

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Back in the day, Thanksgiving meant stuffing our bellies with Tryptophanian delight and spending much-needed time with family.

Now, it means get your ass to the store since you'll save major bucks on holiday goods. It doesn't matter since your loved ones are already working there since he/she can't get a real job.

Once again, at least 20 retailers will remain open on Thanksgiving this year in hopes of raking in big. Traditionally, it's Black Friday that brings in the shoppers, but sooner or later, Black Friday will begin the day after Christmas.

Among those giving the 'ol F.U. to their employees during Turkey Day include Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Sears/Kmart, JCPenney and others. However, there are a few that will stay closed on Thanksgiving, such as TJMaxx, Barnes and Noble, Costco and shockingly enough, Walmart sister Sam's Club. Outdoor retail giant REI will stay closed on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, stating "go outside and play instead".

I personally feel bad for anybody who works on Thanksgiving. I once did it myself since I worked at a gas station years ago. I was invited to a family party and they did let me go during dinner itself, but I had to come back to work. Years later, it's now my mother whom I won't spend the holidays with since she's in a position where she cannot take either Thanksgiving nor Christmas off. It's been years since I've spent the holidays with her and I won't be able to until or if she retires.

Folks, you're fucking stupid if you shop at all on Thanksgiving. Real people shop the day before or after the holidays, not ON. The fewer shoppers on Thanksgiving, the better.

Thanksgiving is for eating turkey, not pork.
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