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11.18.15 Bee-otch of the Day: Charlie Sheen

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Name: Charlie Sheen
Age: 50
Occupation: actor
Last Seen: New York
Bee-otched For: spreading the virus


In the past, the words "Two and a Half Men" alluded to the TV show about two grown men and one of the guy's son.

Now, it refers to the man and his son and Charlie Sheen being the "half man".

The once-popular TV star made the revelation to Today's Matt Lauer that he's been HIV positive for four years. The only reason why it's taken him all this time, he claims is because he wanted it to remain a secret. But when people found out, he paid them to shut up. He claimed that he's paid around $10 million to shut up, but they all agreed that the money could stop if he finally revealed his status. He claims that all of his girlfriends all knew that he had HIV and had unprotected sex twice under a doctor's care.

However, some, including porn star Bree Olsen claimed that they didn't know that Sheen had HIV, but thankfully, she took a blood test and proved to Howard Stern on his show yesterday that she's HIV-free. Meanwhile, a prostitute claimed that she visited Sheen's house and found his AIDS medication. Sheen ordered her to keep his diagnosis a secret and not to tell anybody.

Sheen is well-known in the world of controversy. He's abused drugs, beaten one of his wives and became a total weirdo in regards to his problems surrounding his hit TV show Two and a Half Men. The fact that he kept his diagnosis a secret from everybody shows that he must have banged a lot of women during this time, and who knows how many he infected.

Even though Sheen claims that there's no trace of HIV in his blood thanks to the drug cocktails he takes, HIV is still a death sentence. Yes, we've made huge strides since AIDS was discovered in 1981 - just ask Magic Johnson - but there's still no official cure for the disease. In Magic's case, he has a lot of money and can afford the drugs to prevent his HIV from progressing into AIDS.

Nonetheless, Charlie Sheen is a big fucking scumbag for keeping his HIV a secret and a bigger one if indeed he spread his infection to others. Hell, he should rot in a jail cell for what he did. If you have any STD, you need to tell the person who had sex with. Yes, sex is great, but there's also a great consequence.

It's sad when Angus Jones is supposedly a bigger man than Charlie Sheen.

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