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11.5.15 Bee-otches of the Day: Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat

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Names: Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat
Ages: 42, 43
Occupation: former congressluts
Last Seen: Lapeer and Plainwell, MI

Bee-otched For: walking away in shame
It's official: we probably won't be hearing from Todd Courser nor Cindy Gamrat for a loooooong time.

In Tuesday's primaries, the two had their adulterous asses handed to them by HUGE margins. Neither of them could even muster double digits.

Of course, that was to be expected from two disgraced congressluts who used taxpayer funds to pay for hiding their trysts. But in the end, it's time for the two to move on. Hopefully, it's not government-related. The fact that the two used their aides to create a fake campaign proclaiming that Courser was hanging out with male prostitutes backfired. Now, the Family Values party lovingly did to them what Lena Hedley got on Game of Thrones. (And why Ms. Hedley - a woman who has done full nude scenes in the past - went all CGI in this scene is beyond me. NSFW)

Somehow, I do have that sneaky suspicion that somehow, we will hear from Coursrat again. Remember the King of the Hill episode when Hank Hill's Mexican co-worker, Enrique keeps hanging out with him at his house because he and his wife weren't getting along? Hank takes him to a singles apartment complex and the Hills think that's the end. However, Enrique comes back and starts banging on the door and calling them frantically. The next day, the two go to work and apparently, because of Hank's ignorance, Enrique and his wife settle their differences and all is well in Arlen, TX.

The Coursrat saga was simply just like that King of the Hill episode. We thought the end had happened when Gamrat was ejected and Courser simply quit. But when they ran again, the voters didn't fund nor help them in any way. So now, they're gone. But like horror movie sequels, will they keep coming back from the dead?

Personally, I hope they simply disappear and don't come back. They were an embarrassment to the people of Michigan and especially their families. Cindy Gamrat sucked Courser's cock and then she kissed her kids. To me, she's a slut and a child abuser.

If any of them come back, I shall declare them zombies.
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