Thursday, January 19, 2017

1.19.17 Hero of the Day: President Barack Obama

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Name: Barack Obama
Age: 55
Occupation: soon-to-be former president
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Awarded For: being one of the best presidents ever


In only a matter of hours, the eight-year legacy of President Barack Hussein Obama will be coming to an end.

The Obama family will move from the White House to a house in the DC area so their daughters can continue their education. As Donald J. Drumpf prepares to take the Oath of the White House, all I can say is this:

Obama was the best president of my lifetime. There, I said it.

In my life, we've had Reagan, two Bushes, Clinton and Obama in the White House. Reagan kissed the wealthy's ass, Bush I lied over taxes, Clinton lied to America over his affair with an intern and Bush II's idiocy killed 3,000 people on 9/11 and 4,000 more in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama? Well, let's say that he's always been faithful to Michelle, is a wonderful dad to his kids despite growing up with no father and he'll walk out of the White House with America at a 4.9% unemployment rate, its lowest in ten years. The travesty of 2008 is now a distant pipe dream.

Let's not forget the fact that unlike Dubya, he caught Osama, got us away from $4 gas, saved millions of jobs by bailing out GM, championed gay marriage and forced health care providers to lower their costs. Americans are sure better than what they were in 2008.

Sadly, yes, Obama had his problems, and it was his feuds with the Republicans. These assholes all made people believe that he was a Muslim from Africa who wanted to force Sharia Law onto us Americans. Instead, his policies SAVED America and not the other way around. It reminded me of Dinesh D'Souza's bullshit movie where he claimed that the apocalypse will arrive in 2016 because of Obama's so-called BS. Instead, America's stronger than ever.

In my case, the fact that Obama was in the White House saved my ass. When he was elected, I hadn't had a raise at my job in years. Thanks to the poor economy, I couldn't find another job. It took a few years, but thanks to a stronger economy and the fact that my boss retired, I was handed five raises in four years. Because of a better economy, I haven't used a credit card in a long time and my finances are way better.

When Obama leaves the White House for the final time at noon tomorrow, it will be a sad day for too many. I think we should remember the good times and hope that Drumpf will retain at least some of Obama's legacy.

But 2020 is only four years away.


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