Monday, January 9, 2017

1.9.17 Bee-otch of the Day: my ex

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Name: none of your business
Age: 33
Occupation: retail store greeter and hotel maid
Last Seen: Allendale, MI
Bee-otched For: being an ungrateful bitch to me... again

I'd never thought this would ever happen, but I decided to rekindle my relationship with my ex.


It all started when I was browsing a popular dating site I was on last year when out of the blue, I get a message that stated "Hi". I looked closer and OMG, it was my ex! We actually had a decent conversation and she came over a few nights later. She was still a greeter at a big box store and had started a job working as a hotel maid. She also showed me the scar that she got for having heart surgery. We agreed early on that we would only remain friends.

Her visits to me were sporadic, especially since she was on a restricted license for drunk driving. Bear in mind that she's 4'11" and she chugged down a Long Island Iced Tea one night before hitting the wheel. Duh.

Late last year, she announced that her aunt and uncle told her to find a new place to live. She had been living there for several years and ended up renting a room in a townhouse over by Grand Valley State University loaded with frat kids. She texted me on New Years Eve telling me that she was moving and I offered to help her on New Years morning. I helped move mostly minor items and even took her out to breakfast. However, later in the day, she texted me that she "wasn't into me" but wanted to remain friends. HUH?!?! To add more frustration, when all Michigan sports teams lost over New Years weekend, I posted on Facebook that I wished 2016 would come back. She then posted that I wasn't optimistic enough and dropped me as a Facebook friend. Wow. No sense of humor. Bear in mind that she was the one who left my home in anger just because I accidentally spilled her wine.

To add insult to injury, she actually tried to call me on Saturday because she was missing her Blu-Ray remote and thought that it was at my place. Um, she never used it here, so why ask me, especially after stiffing me after I helped move her ass? Good thing I can block calls and texts because that's what I'm now doing with her.

Sometimes, I wonder why in the hell I brought her back into my life. Then again, this is Grand Rapids, where nice guys who work hard and make good decisions in their lives aren't real likely to get a good relationship. Hell, I have a cousin who lived here in GR and couldn't get a date. Now, he's in Detroit and is now engaged to a very nice woman! Methinks that Grand Rapids women are all self-centered and only want men for money. It might also explain why I'm getting more women who don't live close to GR on my dating sites.

As for that ungrateful bitch of an ex, I hope she's happy that at 33, she's renting a room instead of renting a decent apartment over by her jobs. When a massive amount of snow hits, she'll be praying that her old rustbucket of a car will make it on the icy roads. Hopefully, my next girlfriend will have a better job, be more liberal, hasn't spent time in a mental hospital and can actually hear!

That's it. I want 2016 back.


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