Thursday, February 16, 2017

2.16.17 Bee-otches of the Day: the Religious Right

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Name: the Religious Right
Age: ageless
Occupation: Christian wannabes
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: Trump: good, Obama: bad


With many Americans hoping that Drumpf's association with the Russians will be the driving force of his dismissal from the White House, some are hoping that the power of JEEEEEEEEZUS will keep him in control.

On his beloved 700 Club this week, Pat Robertson claimed that anybody who is against the "president" is against Jesus. Of course, he followed up his logic with several confusing Bible verses as usual. He even attacked liberals and progressives for wanting more government control of stuff and blamed the Obama Administration for brainwashing people.

Yes, THAT Obama, who unlike most Republicans actually is a better Christian than most. He's a good father and husband and treats people with respect. If things are going right with society right now, it's because Drumpf hasn't touched it yet.

But let's not forget good 'ol Jim Bakker, shall we? 

Since Drumpf's campaign started, the ill-fated founder of PTL has been using his fairly-new show on the internet to kiss his ass. Before Drumpf's "win", he was even telling his followers that if he lost, his show would be history. Well, Drumpf won and now, we're stuck with idiotic soundbites from the fraudulent pastor. Even his new wife, Lori called the pro-women protestors "abused as kids" and Black Lives Matter groups "little children".

I wonder what kind of jerk supports this crap. Oh, I know! WHITE TRASH! Years ago, I had a "girlfriend" who lived in a trailer near one of the white-trashiest towns in Michigan. As a matter of fact, her mother and stepfather - who I know laughed at the planes crashing into the World Trade Towers - had another trailer in their backyard with its roof caved in. Guess what I saw sitting on their kitchen counter? An envelope for The 700 Club. Not to mention that I even went to their church, where everybody spoke in tongues. Needless to say, these people were dead to me. Thank God I now live in a city where there's not much in the way of white trash, but sadly, there's still a bunch of religious weirdos.

Sorry, but my God helps the poor, heals the sick and pouts on the wealthy. The Religious Right is the total opposite of that. But as long as there's trailer trash hicks who give to those televangelists, we're still going to have them.

With Drumpf leading us all into the apocalypse, I think we all need to order those doomsday buckets of food from Pastor Bakker.


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