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2.8.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Dan Adamini

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Name: Dan Adamini
Age: 56
Occupation: former secretary of the Republican Party/talk radio schmuck
Last Seen: Marquette, MI
Bee-otched For: saying something not-so-nice about rioting students


Ya gotta love Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

It's loaded with scenic beauty with lots of forests and waterfalls and even an abandoned IGA. But with a population of only 311,000 and being roughly the same size as its sister lower peninsula, there's not a while lot to do.

Sadly, one of those options is listening to right-winged talk radio. But thankfully, there's one less option on the air in Marquette.

Dan Adamini, who hosted the Saturday morning program In the Right Mind on WDMJ 1320 Marquette and 1240 WIAN Ishpeming stepped down from the brokered show after a mean tweet he made about the riots made recently at University of California-Berkley last week. The riots centered around Milos Yianopoulos, a right-winged journalist for Breitbart whose appearance was canceled as a result.

Adamini tweeted that "another Kent State" would be the solution to stop the riots, but that angered many in the UP. As a result, he has stepped down from the radio show and his role of secretary of the Republican Party in Marquette, a town that's a Democratic stronghold.

His statement read that his statements are now starting to hurt others and that he didn't want to be a distraction to what lies ahead.

It's also worth noting that WDMJ/WIAN is owned by Sovereign Communications, which is co-owned by Tim Sabean, the former head of Howard Stern's Sirius channels. The company owns 17 radio stations, all in the UP. WDMJ/WIAN is one of two right-winged talk stations the company owns.

You know, this is what scares me about alleged gun nuts like Adamini. Killing people is never the answer to a riot. What happened at Kent State in 1970 was pathetic and it shows how shallow Adamini is. Then again, the only thing to do in da You Pee is eat pasties and sleep with your siblings.

Sadly, making stupid tweets seems to be an option.

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