Wednesday, February 22, 2017

2.22.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Donald Trump

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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 70
Occupation: bullshitter-in-chief 
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: shutting the bathroom door and kicking out the fighters


Last week during his pissy rant against the media, Drumpf told the crowd that he inherited a mess.

What mess? The fact that transgender people could now use the bathroom of their choice? Well, that's coming to an end.

Today, the Drumpf administration revealed that he's now planning to overturn President Obama's edict that allows people to use the bathroom of their choosing in public schools. Some schools were upset over Obama's ruling because it would allow men to use the women's room and so on.

Meanwhile, there is a Supreme Court case ensuing where a teenage transgender boy, Gavin Grimm, is against his school, Gloucester County in Virginia for not allowing him to use the boy's room at his school. Of course, the SC only has eight justices at the moment, so things can get interesting.

With Drumpf bowing so far to the right, this is definitely a head-shaker. Years ago while watching Wrestlemania at my local Buffalo Wild Wings, I saw what appeared to be a little black girl using the urinal in the boys room. I wondered, why in the hell couldn't she use the women's room? Strange.

The point is, I think Drumpf is simply showing his right-winged jerkoff fans that he wants to make America into a country that's self-centered and only about us. Our healthcare laws are weak comparing to other countries. Hell, look at gay marriage: Canada legalized it long before we did. Question is, will Drumpf do his damndest to not only ban transgender people from using the bathroom of their choice but also make gay marriage illegal and make other pro-gay laws moot? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile in North Dakota, protesters are burning down their tents in anger over the fact that they've all been told to leave the area of the Dakota Access Pipeline after Drumpf allowed it to continue to be built. The protesters where complaining that the pipeline could leak and poison 8,000 members of the local Indian tribe. Obama stopped the pipeline's erection, but it was Trump who allowed it to continue. After all, his energy secretary nominee, Rick Perry, is an investor of the company building the pipeline.

But let's remember this: all poop stinks, no matter what butthole it comes out of. 


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