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7.13.17 Bee-otch of the Day: Kid Rock

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Name: Kid Rock
Age: 46
Occupation: formerly good rock star
Last Seen: Detroit, probably
Bee-otched For: wanting to do Debbie Stabenow's job

On Wednesday, three words came into our rhetoric that I hope don't come true:

"Senator Kid Rock".

Yep! The Detroit-based rocker best-known for "Bawitaba" and "Cowboy" made a website that makes it sounds like he wants to become Michigan's junior senator. If that's reality, then he'll probably be running against established Democrat Debbie Stabenow, who's been in the senate since 2001.

Michigan's junior senator, Gary Peters is also a Democrat.

Rock - real name Robert Ritchie - is an outspoken Republican who endorsed auto industry-hating Mitt Romney in 2012 and Donald Trump last year. He even wore a t-shirt in concert with a US map on there with the red states and blue states. The red states were dubbed "America" and the blue ones were "Dumbfuckistan". He even visited the White House with Ted "I'll either be dead or in jail by now" Nugent and Sarah Palin earlier this year.

It's not known what Rock's political stances would be, but the question is, who would vote for him? Obviously, his diehard fans, and he still has them. His last album sold well, even though he's taken a more country turn in recent years, a far cry from his classics like "I Am The Bullgod" and "American Bad Ass". He might get votes from hilljacks all over the state, but personally, I'd re-elect Stabenow.

Look, Kid Rock is a spoiled punk who's drifted away from his roots playing house parties while living on his wealthy car dealer dad's farm in the suburbs. Now, he's wealthier than his dad and everything black about him is in the past. Ooooh! He makes BBQ grills now. Whooptie-doo! Thanks, but my George Foreman Grill will do. It knocks out the fat!

I think the Insane Clown Posse have a better chance of taking public office over Kid Rock.

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