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3.21.11 Bee-otch of the Day: people who didn't vote in 2010

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In the past month, the picket signs have been up in Wisconsin and Michigan over union rights.

Wisconsin's protests lasted for several weeks, but Michigan's lasted just one day, not counting the day prior when the AARP protested over retirement rights at the state capitol.

Now, I hate to defend both Scott Walker and Rick Snyder, but here's an observation: how many of these protesters ACTUALLY voted in the 2010 midterms?

Let's face it: Rick Snyder won by 20% of the vote over opponent Virg Bernero. But, in Wisconsin, Walker won by just 125,000 votes over Tom Barret. About two million people voted in that state, population 5.7 million. I understand that many of those people are those under 18 and cannot vote, but the question remains: why DON'T people vote?

I think the sick, sad reason is simple: people think that because Obama won in 2008 and is our president that the worst is over. It isn't. Look at Michigan. For eight years, we had Jennifer Granholm as our governor and many blame her for the fact that this state went into a free-fall this past decade. Jobs disappeared and she didn't do much. The truth was that the Republicans were screwing things up by sending jobs overseas and to Right to Work states. Let's not also forget that much of this bullshit actually began back in the 1980s with Reagan and his policies to bust up unions. Let's not also forget the fact that in 1987, his FCC abolished the decades old Fairness Doctrine, which forced broadcasters to air opinions from all sides. Now, you put it on an AM talk station, and it's Republican sympathizers 24/7.

But, there's also the reason that people have empathy towards voting. The media blames everything on Obama and the fact that he can't save the country overnight. So, people take it as the wind blows and they have others opine for them.

The truth is, I love to vote. Why? Because it's time to wipe this nation clean of the right-winged bullshit that has destroyed this nation for generations. I want America to come back and create high-paying jobs for everybody. But as long as we allow right-wingers to win, the middle class will get out their signs and protest, even though some of them allowed this to happen.

Do we want change in Michigan? YES! But Rick Snyder's plan for change is to transform Michigan from a union state to a Right to Work one, causing workers in this state to struggle. Bills keep going up, but pay hasn't for most people. The only way for us to make things work is to turn off Fox News Channel and Rush Limbaugh and wake the fuck up. Michael Moore's not a bad guy, he stands up for the middle class! Why are Rush and his kin standing against him? Same with radio show hosts like Thom Hartmann and Mike Malloy. Let's listen to what the left has to say because after all, when you privatize something, it goes straight to hell.

So in 2012, do the world a favor: VOTE FOR OBAMA AGAIN!


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