Thursday, March 31, 2011

3.31.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Chris Brown

Name: Chris Brown and his fans
Age: 21, etc.
Occupation: shitty hip-hopster, etc.
Last Seen: Los Angeles, etc.
Bee-otched For: being bad role models


Rihanna got got slapped again.... 270,000 times.

It's official: America loves a good 'ol woman beater. Chris Brown's latest album, F.A.M.E. (Forgiving All My Enemies) just debuted at #1, selling a staggering 270,000 copies. Not bad for a man whose career was on the way out at such an early age due to the fact that he smacked the crap out of his girlfriend before the 2009 Grammys.

It's also worth noting that he also made headlines last week when he broke a window at Good Morning America before doing that show, and guess what? ABC asked him back for another interview.

The billion-dollar question is, why do people support this loser? After all, he was in a recent movie, Takers which did quite well at the box office despite bad reviews. Even radio stations that banned him after his bitchslapping of Rihanna brought him back.

And here's a message about the state of radio: so The Dixie Chicks bash Bush and they get banned from the radio. Yet, Chris Brown is OK. OK, I get it.

Look, Chris Brown's a fucking scumbag. However, the tragedy is that he's not in jail. He's serving five years' probation, but that's hardly anything, especially these days. If I were the judge, I'd tell him that his career's over.

Ya know, I bust my ass off everyday and come home to an empty house except for four fish and maybe an insect or two hiding somewhere. I've never beaten a woman up and this is the thanks I get. Yet, this little faggot decides to beat up women and break windows and sells 270,000 albums in one week. Even worse, Rise Against, a Straight Edge band from Chicago whose video for "Help Is On The Way" - which is about a black family's plight during Hurricane Katrina - only sells 85,000 for their first week forEndgame. Sad.

Look, I judge people by what they do, and not skin color. I love people of all races and strive to be racially equal when it comes to people. However, for this final Bee-otch of the Day, I'll say this: if the dictionary still has an entry for the word "nigger", they should put a picture of Chris Brown next to it.


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