Monday, May 16, 2011

5.16.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 53
Occupation: failed CEO
Last Seen: Ann Arbor
Bee-otched For: putting the 1-8-7 on '1-8-7'


Yeah, and ya don't stop, cuz it's a 1-8-7 on an undercover cop.

But in Michigan politics, 1-8-7 can refer to killing a critically-praised new TV show.

The producers of the ABC-TV series Detroit 1-8-7 announced Friday that the show was canceled after just one season. The network is yet to announce that show's official cancelation, but we'll have to take their word for it. The show had warm praise from critics; one even called it ABC's best crime drama since the gritty NYPD Blue.

But, the show's ratings have slipped since it debuted last September. It debuted with nine million viewers, but it finished with only about four million. The show did well in Detroit, but elsewhere, it wasn't a huge success. I even remember seeing billboards for the show while I was driving on I-75 through the city last Fall.

Even though the show had its fans, many feel that one of the major reasons why the show is getting the Alphabet Network boot is because of one person: governor Rick Snyder. Under previous governor Jennifer Granholm, an initiative was created to bring major TV and film production to the state. Several films were shot all throughout Michigan, including Clint Eastwood's "Gran Torino" in Detroit and the Michael Cera-starred "Youth in Revolt" in Frankfort on Lake Michigan near Traverse City.

However, almost as soon as he became governor, Snyder cut the initiative, and many productions left the state. One in particular was the 50 Cent movie "Freelancer", which was being shot in Grand Rapids. It's now moving to New Orleans because of the initiative's demise.

Sadly, 1-8-7 is yet another show that's out of business thanks to Snyder. It was shot in Detroit with a soundstage in nearby Highland Park. 

Ya know folks, if Michigan sees any growth, it's because of Granholm. I know, movies are only short-term projects and once it's done, it's time to find another job, but still, it's work to thousands of people in this state. We were the only state in the union to lose population in the last census, all because of the downfall of the auto industry and Bush politics. Now, thanks to idiotic bias from the right regarding President Obama and former Governor Granholm, Michigan's progress will only be short-lived thanks to this idiot who killed Gateway Computers and ran off with millions. Now, he killed the film initiative, is killing Benton Harbor and is taking millions from seniors and poor people and giving it to the wealthy.

And who saved the auto industry in Detroit? Democrats. Who captured Osama? Democrats. Democrats create progress. Republicans take it away and give it the rich.

Thanks, Ricky. I might have to move soon.  


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