Monday, May 9, 2011

5.9.11 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder



Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 53
Occupation: failed CEO
Last Seen: Ann Arbor
Bee-otched For: strutting like a peacock


As the blossoms bloomed in Michigan, so did the protesters.

On Saturday afternoon, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder was the Grand Marshal of the Blossomtime Grand Floral Parade in downtown Benton Harbor. Thousands flocked the city streets not to cheer on the floats, but to protest the increasingly unpopular governor.

People flocked as far away from Kentucky to protest the governor, who is extremely unpopular with unions, especially since he passed a law earlier this year, not long after he was elected governor that allows him to strip cities of their elected officials and replace them with Emergency Financial Managers who could force workers to deunionize. Benton Harbor - a town that's 85% black and only has an average personal income of $17,000 per year - was the first cities that fell under Snyder's new rule.

The case even got national attention when MSNBC gabber Rachel Maddow talked about it on her nightly talk show several weeks ago. One reason for the state takeover is mainly because of a long-proposed massive country club that would swallow up land formerly used by long-time city employer Whirlpool and even a city park that's been free to the public since 1917. One of the proposers of the plan is state representative Fred Upton (R), whose family started Whirlpool.

It's worth noting that like many other once-great American manufacturers, Whirlpool no longer makes their appliances in Benton Harbor, but rather overseas.

Benton Harbor has a twin town, St. Joseph, that's almost its exact opposite, with a population that's mostly white. St. Joe has a population of 8,000, BH has 10,000.

As evidenced by the video, Snyder, was surrounded by a ton of police and guards, and for good reason. The dude just isn't well-liked. Yeah, Benton Harbor isn't the greatest town in the world, but when you're an outsider telling people what to do, you better watch your punk ass.

I'm glad the people of Benton Harbor are speaking out. Rick Snyder might not even last his first term if the people stand up and beg for a recall. Hell, at this point, I hope to have moved away from Michigan by the time he destroyed this state like he did to Gateway.

But like I said, and I know I'll be saying it again over and over again, don't blame me, I voted for Virg Bernero. 


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