Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.11 Bee-otch of the Day: the religious right

Name: the religious right
Age: ageless
Occupation: Biblical bullshitters
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: claiming victory over the cancellation of The Playboy Club

After only three episodes, the doors to The Playboy Club have been shut.

NBC announced last week that due to poor ratings and advertisers pulling out of sponsoring the show, that it was canceled. The program chronicled the happenings of the infamous Chicago club in the early 1960's. It was narrated by Hugh Hefner himself and starred Eddie Cibrian (Mr. LeAnn Rimes) and established movie actress Amber Heard.

Many factors led to the Club's cancellation, mainly ratings. Episode one had only five million viewers, but it had shrunk to 3.5 million by episode three. Tough competition from the other networks - mainly ABC's Dancing With the Stars and ESPN's Monday Night Football - were huge factors in the show's low ratings. Even Hugh Hefner himself posted on Twitter that he was upset over the show's cancellation, claiming that it would have done better on cable.

But sadly, our good friends from the religious right all claimed to play a huge role in the show's axing. The biggest group of course was the Parents Television Council, who condemned the show for promoting pornography. After all, Playboy themselves helped to produce the show. The show did have nudity, but it wasn't shown on NBC and will be limited to international airings (after all, full nudity's OK to be shown in other countries) and DVD releases.

Of course, one NBC station, Salt Lake City's KSL-TV chose not to air the show because the station's owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Recently, KSL launched an initiative that aides families affected by porn. Station management felt that associating KSL with Playboy would be hypocritical against the station's image.

Another religious group, the American Decency Association, which is based in nearby Fremont, MI, also claimed victory. They condemned advertisers for showing their spots on the show. They even got outraged at Cornerstone University here in Grand Rapids - which happens to be a Christian school - for even advertising locally on Grand Rapids' NBC station WOOD-TV 8 on the last episode.

Thankfully, there's still hope that The Playboy Club won't be as what the now-defunct Trio cable network once called "Brilliant, But Cancelled". Hefner and the show's producers are looking to shop the show to Bravo, but with the NBA lockout looming, TNT has expressed interest in the show.

As for the Club's former timeslot, it's now used by repeats of another failing NBC show, Prime Suspect, which stars an actress who's no stranger to full frontal nudity, Maria Bello.

Look. I think it's sick that every other show on TV is CSI or a CSI clone, and each and every show has to have a bloody cadaver. Yet, tits, ass and especially pussy scares people. Hell, I once had a boss who had seizures when he saw blood. Yet, I've never heard of anybody dying from looking at a hot piece of ass bent over with her innards exposed. Full frontal nudity's all over free TV in other countries like England and Canada, but because of these bass ackwards Jebus freaks, Oh, noes! We can't have that here in America!

In the end, it's all about money and power. Remember, Bill Johnson, the head of the aforementioned ADA makes $60,000 per year, and a lot of that money comes from the Prince Foundation, which has close ties to Amway and Blackwater/Xe. Just because an organization calls themselves Christian doesn't mean that they're angels.

But also in the end, it's we the viewers who all have the final word.

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