Thursday, October 6, 2011

10.6.11 Hero of the Day: Steve Jobs

Name: Steve Jobs
Age: deceased
Occupation: former CEO and founder of Apple
Last Seen: deceased
Awarded For: being this generation's Thomas Edison

These days, we all think that the wealthiest 1% of all Americans are all assholes.

Steve Jobs, OTOH, might have been a smug little devil, but damn was a smart one.

Steve was only 21 when he, alongside fellow 20-something Steve Wozniak and the much-older Ronald Wayne started Apple Computer on April Fools' Day in 1976. In the next several years, Apple took a machine that once took a full room and made it much smaller and so easy to use that a child could use it. Apple did things that other computer manufacturers didn't touch, like their infamous "1984" ad that ran during the Super Bowl that aforementioned year.

Apple grew throughout the 1980's with their Macintosh computers, but declined in the 1990s only to gain new fame with their iMac and further into the 2000s with the MacBook and today with the iPod, iPhone and the iPad. Part of the reason was Jobs' firing in 1985. When he came back in the mid-90's, he brought a whole new rebirth to the company, soaring its stock some 7,000%. Jobs proved to the world that with the ever-growing technology that his company created, that it only made most peoples' lives easier.

Just imagine that 10 years ago, that most people didn't even have a cell phone. Now, not only do people have a cell at all times, many now have the web and other neat little devices like bar code scanners and even voice technology so you can have a conversation with a foreigner. Thank Steve Jobs for helping to create the iPhone. Ten years ago, yes, you could download songs off the web, but it stayed on your computer until you could burn it onto a disc, which can be painstakingly long. Thank Steve Jobs for the iPod. Ten years ago, there were laptops, but they were bulky. Thank Steve Jobs for the iPad.

We could go on and on about what Jobs created, or could have created. Of course, I'll admit that I don't have Apple anything. My PC is an antique custom build that doesn't handle Flash too well (it takes more than 10 minutes to plow my field on Farmville). I do have a smartphone, but it's an Android. But think of it this way: it was Jobs and Apple who kinda made Android possible because it's the same premise. The iPhone came out first, so Google started doing things their way. Sadly, I can't fully compare the two since I never owned an iPhone, but my Android phone does the trick.

But, that doesn't mean that I hate Apple. My first school computers were Apples. I even remember the first model I used: a IIGS. I even learned how to use Photoshop on an Apple in tech school. I did once own a Macintosh that a relative gave my Dad to give to me as a teen: it didn't work since it was so old.

The one thing that Steve Jobs couldn't stop is getting sick. He battled pancreatic cancer and won, and even got a liver transplant. In his last public appearance a few months ago while introducing the second iPad, he looked skinny and weak. Jobs died yesterday at the age of 56. No cause of death is known at this time.

Jobs did well for somebody born to a Syrian immigrant who gave him up for adoption to a Jewish couple. A computer geek at heart, Jobs revolutionized anything he touched. He even changed movies forever when he bought out Pixar from George Lucas and produced the first-ever all-computer animated film, Toy Story. When I was a teen, I thought that computers were too dorky until the internet came out. Thanks to Jobs, EVERYBODY now has to have the internet at all times. 

It's pathetic that Jobs died too fucking young and yet there's people who add nothing to life who are all still around. But who knows. Yes, Apple wasn't perfect with its labor and environmental records, plus the fact that Jobs himself was worth $8 billion...

...But sometimes, people do contribute good things to life in different ways.  

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