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11.12.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Linda McMahon

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Name: Linda McMahon
Age: 64
Occupation: former wrestling chairman-turned senator wannabe
Last Seen: Stamford, CT
Bee-otched For: gettting the smackdown

The McMahon family has sure done a lot of stuff other than wrestling over the years: World Bodybuilding Federation, the XFL, movies and even taking over the US government.

But in the end, it's wrestling that they should only do.

Last Tuesday, Linda McMahon lost her second bid to become the state's second senator, losing to Democrat Chris Murphy 55% to her 43.3%. Two years ago, she lost to Richard Blumenthal by a similar amount. McMahon reportedly spent $100 million of her own money on both campaigns.

Many felt that as a businesswoman, McMahon helped to turn World Wrestling Entertainment into a shadow of its former self. In the late 1990's and early 2000's, the WWE was riding high during its Attitude era, but in 2008 she helped transform the company's image into more of a family-friendly one. This, of course caused in part due to the death of wrestler Chris Benoit who killed his whole family and then himself. His autopsy showed that he had the brain of an old man, caused by years of chair shots to the head and drug abuse.

Of course, many have attacked Linda for the fact that most of the WWE's wrestlers are "independent contractors" and not really "employees". Kinda like the strip club industry. Therefore, they didn't have to pay them health insurance, Social Security and other important benefits. Therefore, if a lower card wrestler is canned, they're SOL and if they get sick from years of getting their ass kicked, they're not SOL, they're beyond SOL.

But yes, the WWE's product has tremendously suffered over the years, and it's partly due to Linda. I was a religious fan of the WWE for years, but my love for them has tapered off beyond repair at this moment. I miss the days when there was a Hell in a Cell match, and there was actual blood. Hell, Mick Foley became a star in part because he outperformed all expectations in that famous match. Now, Hell in a Cell is just another boring PPV with regular wrestling in a cage. No barbed wire or nothing. Hey, remember when the Divas all wore things to the ring? Not anymore. Many even did Playboy like Maria, Torrie Wilson and Candice Michele. But, not anymore in the TV-PG era.

I think that the destruction to the WWE brand shows that Linda McMahon is incapable of being a senator, especially when it's important that we have an all-Democrat-run government if we want the economy to improve and to see taxes go up for the wealthy. Having the woman who helped destroy the WWE is not a good idea. I think if they want the brand to come back, they need to gradually bring back the blood and bring back real wrestling. We need a new generation of Stone Cold Steve Austins and Rocks, not John Cena act like the twin brother of Jim Varney.

If I were Vince McMahon, I'd force Linda to join the Kiss My Ass Club.

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