Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11.14.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Papa John Schnatter

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Name: "Papa" John Schnatter
Age: 50

Occupation: pizza man
Last Seen: Anchorage, KY
Bee-otched For: putting money over people


Another great businessman who has tossed his business philosophies out the window.
John Schnatter, who founded Papa John's Pizza out of his dad's tavern in 1984, announced that because of the proposed higher costs of the Affordable Health Care Act that he's jacked up the price of his pizzas by 50 cents each. He feels that the law would hurt his franchisees and would eventually cause them to reduce workers' hours.
And yet, this prick recently gave out two million free pizzas and lives in a massive mansion in Kentucky. Plus, he's worth $240 million, which is kinda low for any national pizza chain CEO. But still, he's got more money than most of us.
Sadly, many competing restaurant chains feel the same way, and are threatening to raise prices and cut employees' hours because of the so-called raised cost of doing business because of Obama's law. The truth is, the Affordable Health Care Act LOWERS the overall cost of healthcare in this country and makes it on par with the healthcare of other nations. It's a shame that even when this law goes into effect in 2014, our system won't be as good as other countries' healthcare systems, but it's a start. Everybody will be covered, regardless of condition.
Yeah, Papa John makes a great pizza, but he needs to keep his mouth shut on this issue. Thanks to him, I'll be going to other pizza places for now on. They need the money, not Papa John. Plus, they tend to make better pies than him.
And yes, I can live without the pepper in the box.


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