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11.26.12 Bee-otch of the Day: Walmart

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Name: Walmart
Age: 50
Occupation: retailer
Last Seen: Bentonville, AR
Bee-otched For: putting people last
Last week, Americans were given two choices: enjoy a big, fat Thanksgiving turkey with family or enter the Walmart cattle call.

Or is "Walmart running of the bulls" more appropriate?

Anywho, many of Wally World's locales began their Black Friday sales at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving night as a way to attract customers and for them to feed the Machine. Of course, many of their workers had strikes against them for only offering meager wages and low hours and benefits while the family that controls the retail behemoth is worth $20 billion apiece.

But while Walmart's employees complain about their wages, it's not the only major problem they're facing now. Last weekend, a massive blaze ripped though a garment factory in Bangladesh, killing over 110 people. The workers were on overtime and worked in unsafe conditions many stories high. Amongst the factory's American clients include Sears, rapper Sean "P. Diddy" Combs and.... Walmart. The factory made the company's "Faded Glory" imprints.

Ya know, I can't believe Walmart's logic, and even worse, the people that shop there. I'll betcha some of the people go to Walmart only because they're broke, and they wonder why they can't get a job. Yet, a lot of the shit Walmart sells is made in sweat shops like the one that caught fire in India. Here in America, a shop like that would have been shut down quickly if they were caught doing the same practices. But since the Waltons are out to make a quick buck to keep to themselves, they can do whatever they can for now.

Look, I know, there's *some* businesses that should be open on Thanksgiving, like gas stations and some restaurants. But Walmart forcing their employees into working a day that's supposed to be for relaxing and reflecting is, well, not very cool. I was just in Kentucky for five days and where my Dad lives, there's several choices for groceries: Walmart, Food Lion, Kroger and a local chain called Houchens. Guess who owns Houchens? If you walk into one of their stores, you'll see them everywhere: cashiers, stock boys, associates, you name it. Houchens is an employee-owned company and they also own many other entities where my Dad lives such as many gas stations and other branded grocery stores (i.e. Hometown IGA and Crossroads IGA). True, my stepmother complained that "Houchens owns everything", but my reply was "who's worse, a family worth $20 billion a piece or a store whose owners are working shlubs like you and me?" Simple as that.

Folks, do America a favor. If you can, shop local and shop American. Don't think that not shopping American is not cheap. If you do, jobs stay here and more would be created. Let's give the Waltons a lesson: don't fuck with America.

And while you're at it, burn all of P. Diddy's CDs. 


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