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2.20.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 54
Occupation: dictator wannabe
Last Seen: Ann Arbor, MI
Bee-otched For: wanting to take over Detroit


Ladies and gents, Hitler is alive and well.

Better yet, he's been reincarnated into a man named Rick Snyder.

The not-so-great governor of the great state of Michigan might be thisclose to taking over the state's biggest city, Detroit. The city is in so deep financially that now, they're asking the state for help, and Snyder's answer could be ultimately summed up in two words: Emergency Manager.

Bear in mind that several Michigan towns big and small now have emergency managers due to poor managing of finances. In Detroit's case, the city's been hurting for years, partly due to the demise of the automobile industry. Of course, Detroit once boasted over two million residents, but now, that's down to just a hair over 700,000.

Yeah, many on the right cry that Detroit needs a conservative white mayor. Its last white mayor was Roman Gribbs (D; 1970-1974) and its last Republican was Louis Miriani (1957-1962), who, by the way, spent 10 months in jail for tax evasion. But with an 82% black population, a white mayor would be a nightmare for the Motor City.

Moral of the story regarding white mayors like Miriani and blacks like Kwame Kilpatrick, no matter the race, Detroit is a city that's been run by thugs of all neutral colors for years. But, will a Snyder-run city be a great idea?

Just imagine, if Snyder takes over Detroit, things can only get worse. Could he be thinking about FORCING Detroit to have a white leader? Talk about not sitting well with the majority of the city's population. True, I think when he took over Benton Harbor, he had a black guy be that city's EM. But this is Detroit we're talking about; a town with rotting buildings, tons of poor people, but a lot of nightlife downtown.

Look at Dennis Archer. As mayor, he built two new stadiums and casinos. But its mayors since haven't done much except that Kwame screwed people over. Sadly, current mayor Dave Bing inherited the messes of past mayors and despite his businessman past, even he couldn't fix it.

Will Detroit survive? God only knows. All I know is that IMO, if you don't like Detroit, don't visit it and don't live there. Hell, there's towns in northern Michigan that remind me of Detroit, namely Mancelona. Where's that town's EM? Lots of poor people, rotting buildings and a lack of jobs. Detroit should do more to make themselves an attractive city to all people of all races, but only if they want to.

But having Whitey run the show shouldn't be its only choice. 

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