Monday, February 4, 2013

2.4.13 Bee-otch of the Day: WKLT

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Name: WKLT
Age: 34
Occupation: crappy rock station
Last Seen: Traverse City, MI
Bee-otched For: ripping off the competition... and Stern

For you long-time readers of, as you know, I've always had a hateful relationship with WKLT.

The reason's quite simple: they act like they don't give two shits about people my age music-wise, even in the 1990's. They pretend that there were no rock fans born after 1970, but yet, their ratings are, well, good. Always have been. Yeah, there's Real Rock 105/95-5, but even they play way too much 1978-era butt rock for my liking. Thankfully, I have Sirius, and that's all that matters.

Last week at around four in the afternoon, I decided to take a look at Real Rock's playlist for shits and grins, and the only way to do that is to listen to the station through their website. While doing so, I was listening to their afternoon man, Smitty talk to somebody else about how WKLT is now ripping them off by having a two-man afternoon show. Previously, Smitty had a partner, Nate (and don't ask me how he was let go/fired/whatever). KLT has now paired their afternoon man, "Motley Man" with one of morning man Omelette's sidekicks, "Mr. Windy" to create "The Afternoon Trainwreck", which is a take on Real Rock's afternoon show, "The Afternoon Hangover" (and I prefer the name 'Hangover' over "Trainwreck', BTW).

But that's not all. I went to KLT's website and checked out Omelette's page, and guess what? There's a link to a podcast called... (drumroll please) THE INTERN SHOW! Hmmm... Where did I hear that name before? Oh yes, IT'S ALSO THE NAME OF A SHOW ON ONE OF HOWARD STERN'S CHANNELS AT SIRIUS!

I also love the fact that Omelette also does a great job ripping Stern off by having his own Wack Pack called "The Misfits". It was one year ago that they made headlines when they bombarded the Super Bowl in Indianapolis during Madonna's halftime show, and one of the Wack Pack-er, Misfits was her own brother, Tony, who was living under a bridge in Traverse City.

Folks, it's stations like KLT that make me happy that I have Sirius. It's worth the $15/mo. to not have to listen to shit stations like KLT when I'm up north. I always wonder why KLT has good ratings, but then again, the north is loaded with white trash and old people, perfect for the format KLT has.

I'd love to see a station like WGRD here in Grand Rapids come up north to northern Michigan. Yeah, there's Real Rock, but they're doing it all wrong. They play way too much butt rock from Lynyrd Skynyrd, Styx and Boston and their midday jock, Cartman, is an annoying asshole who belongs on a top 40 station. Plus, the fact that a lot of their content isn't local doesn't help, either.

But for now, that's the business of radio. I feel sorry for anybody who likes Omelette and "Friends". He's proved to everybody that he's just another Howard Stern clone and God only knows when or if he'll expand his show to another market. If so, KLT will probably put another turd in morning drive and their ratings will still be OK.

KLT: it's to radio as what McDonald's is to food. Everybody else in town makes a better burger, but people will eat Mickey D's no matter what.

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  1. my name is david the fluffer i am an intern for omelette and friens show i am also one of the co/hosts for the intern show. how is it that just because our show is called the intern show its a copy of the howard stern show is no one else alowed to use the name "the intern show" just cuz he dose what the hell is up with that guess what its a show that the interns host so its called the intern show do u want it called the ppl that dont get paid show whould that be better and i think when u compare the omelette and friends show to the howard stern show to me thats a coplement the man has millions of fans and is a huge show in the radio world so why wouldnt people want to have that why dont u come on the morning show or call in and say this stuff insede of hiding behind a blog.....i invite u to come on or call in to the show all of our contact info is on the web site

  2. we dont want u to call in to talk we want u to come on the show to talk