Thursday, June 27, 2013

6.27.13 Hero of the Day: Wendy Davis

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Name: Sen. Wendy Davis (D)
Age: 50
Occupation: state senator
Last Seen: Austin, TX
Awarded For: preserving women's rights


Not only does Wendy Davis have a big heart, she must either have a strong bladder or some Depends.

Yesterday, the Texas state senator was lauded by women's rights advocates and pro-choice people for throwing an 11-hour filibuster in the Texas state senate that caused a vote to be moot. The bill Davis was protesting would have ordered all but five abortion clinics in the state to shutter for not having the same standards as hospitals, plus ban all abortions after 20 weeks of gestation. Davis' goal was to kill the bill that was to be voted in a special election by filibustering to midnight, the expiration time for the bill to be voted on.

During her filibuster, Republicans tried to stop her by stating that she had gone off topic when she started talking about a sonogram, plus cheering from outside the State Capital from pro-choice advocates. After 10 hours, the vote was made, and while the Republicans claimed victory, the truth was that the vote was placed after midnight, making the vote moot.

Folks, this is what happens when we vote Republican. Women get the shaft and the rich white guys who run the show make sure that their lives end up miserable. In their dreams, a woman should have children, even if it's rape. Don't like it? Put it up for adoption. Does it come back 20 years later while you marry a real man and have kids, crying that you abandoned him as a baby and it's your fault? Sucks to be you.

We need more Wendy Davises. That woman was smart enough and to present FACTS in front of those stupid white guys who think that once there's a living thing in your tummy, it's yours. I'm glad that not all voters in Texas are stupid (after all, Rick Perry is George W. Bush's continuation). I hope that in 2014, the Repukes that were voted in in 2010 because of the Koch Brothers' BS get voted out and this country can move forward.

And with Wendy Davis, it already is. 

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