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12.11.13 Bee-otch of the Day: my ex-stepfather

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Name: anonymous
Age: 52
Occupation: something having to do with computers
Last Seen: Phoenix, AZ
Bee-otched For: being a lame-ass stepfather


Ladies and gents, a Bee-otch of the Day 20 years in the making.

Earlier this year, I handed out the Bee-otch of the Day to a woman I put a lot of blame on in regards to my parents' divorce 20 years ago last May. Now, I can talk about the OTHER person involved, and that's my now-ex-stepfather.

You see, my mother worked with this asshole at a tool and die shop in Traverse City. She was a secretary, he was an operator. Apparently, the two started to like each other to the point that my mother no longer loved my dad. With that fat cunt friend of hers prepping her upper flat for me and her to move into, it was a win-win situation for everybody except my father and especially me.

This dude - and I'll refer to him in this article as "the polack" because he's Polish (and no offense to most of our other Polish readers) - came from a somewhat well-to-do family, even though the patriarch was a verbally abusive alcoholic and the matriarch was also a boozer who drank heavily while she was pregnant with all four of her children. It was a miracle that three of her four kids turned out OK, although her daughter has had some mental issues all of her life.

My mother came home late on May 18, 1993 with that fat cunt and the polack she was cheating on my father with and took me with her to her new life. She wanted to keep their dating a secret from my father, but he knew anyway. For a while, I got along OK with him, but I figured that since he was the reason for my parents' divorce, I tried to convince my mother to stop dating him, but it was too late. He got engaged to her and they married five years after the divorce. I ended up living with dad full time.

In a way, I felt that my mother dumped me instead of working things out. Instead of seeing her everyday, I only got to see her once a week, plus she paid child support. However, my father remarried, moved to Kentucky when I graduated high school and because of this, I ended up moving in with my mom and the polack. I was going to school at the time downstate, and because it got to be beyond boring down there, I was going home every weekend, pissing him off. I tried staying there on some weekends, but I was flat-out homesick.

I moved back in when I graduated in 2001, and I tried feverishly to find a real job. Well, 9/11 happened, and I ended up working at a crappy convenience store, making $6.50 per hour. I did work 40 hours per week, but then the store got new owners and my hours were cut to 25. Nonetheless, the polack wanted me out. He and my mom made me sign leases for apartments all around town, and I told them repeatedly that I sure as hell wasn't going to live in that town, and I wanted a real job first. Thank God, I found a job in Grand Rapids, where I'm at today.

Well, I moved out and in 2004, after the deaths of both my mother's parents, they moved to Arizona. They started a computer store that went under thanks to the 2008 disaster and filed for bankruptcy. Their business was broken into and so was their house, where many irreplaceable items were stolen.

In 2007, mom and the polack came up to visit his family. I was nice enough to take them out to dinner and buy them a few things. However, the polack told my mother that he didn't want to see me anymore since this was his trip and his family. What an asshole. I was so pissed that I wanted to drive home and cut off all communication with my mom. But, I was too chicken to do so.

Not long after the bankruptcy, the polack developed heart problems and COPD. He had bypass surgery and he wasn't the same since. In 2010, my mom came to visit me and while she did so, he started going on some adult dating sites and met a girl from Indiana. When mom came back, she noticed, and threw a hissy fit at him. The two filed for divorce and mom moved into a small apartment while he moved into a townhouse.

But then, something of a miracle happened, at least on mom's part. One night, the polack was drinking wine and ran out. He decided to make a wine run to the local Shell station and was caught by police swerving down the road. He was arrested for DUI and called my mom. He apologized to her, and asked her back. Sadly, she accepted. She moved into his townhouse and worked hard to reconcile their problems. What's funny is that he's a fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio - famous for his tent cities and chain gangs - but was too much of a coward to go there because of his COPD. So, he ended up going to jail for a few weekends as part of his DUI charges.

Well, the polack's slate has been cleaned, and a few months ago, my mom came home from work and he was sitting there, and he made the announcement that he wanted a divorce... again. Thankfully, my mom took it a lot better, and went back to the same apartment she had been living in. He, OTOH, did admit that he was seeing another woman. Well, duh.

The divorce was made final last week.

What might be even more sad is that he's looking to get rid of his two dogs that he and mom had. Mom can't take them since he's limited to one dog at her apartment. He claims that the dogs are putting a hamper on their relationship. Sad. He's trying to abandon his dogs, who are like his children. What a pathetic asshole.

You know, folks. I will not miss the polack one bit. He was a scumbag, plain and simple. He was a right-winged retard who had every book by every right-winged twit like him in his personal library. Yet, he didn't give a damn about family values. He destroyed my family to benefit his, and I was the monkey in the middle. He's one GIANT reason why I do not trust right-wingers or Republicans. He - like all of them - are hypocritical losers who had everything handed to them their whole fucking lives.

As for my mother, she's reverted back to her maiden name for the first time since she married my father 37 years ago. She's also back to square one, living in a one-bedroom apartment and working a retail job that barely pays the bills. She's learned a lesson, too, that karma sucks. She could have stayed with my dad and lived in a nice, three-bedroom, two bathroom house in Kentucky on several acres of land, and I could have had a better life growing up. But no. Instead, I have to rely on karma for good things to happen, even if the people who hurt you are your loved ones.

I hope the polack's new lovey knows how to fix a light bulb.

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