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12.4.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Sean Hannity

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Name: Sean Hannity
Age: 52
Occupation: right-wing blowhard
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: getting demoted


Folks, I'm happy to say this, and I'm not going to mince words: right wing hate talk radio is dying.

Yep! Mike Huckabee is quitting his show and so is Geraldo Rivera. But come the beginning of 2014, one major host might see a drastic reduction in audience, and that's Sean Hannity.

It appears that Hannity's popularity is indeed dying. His Fox News Channel show was demoted to 10 p.m. and Cumulus is dumping him on all of their stations. What's more sad for him is that his New York flagship, WABC is Cumulus-owned (he'll probably end up on WOR, which is Clear Channel-owned). WJR in Detroit is one of the casualties; there's a rumor that it might move to Salem's WDTK 1400 The Patriot, a station with only 1/50 of the power WJR has.

Now, the Wallbanger is also getting a demotion in my old hometown of Traverse City, MI. WTCM NewsTalk 580 - which has carried Hannity for over a decade - will move his show from its current live slot of 3-6 p.m. to 9p-midnight after the holidays. In its slot will be a new live and local talk show co-hosted by Dave Barr, Bill Froelich and Colleen Wares. The move will mean that WTCM will then air a whopping eight hours of live and local programming, alongside Ron Jolly (7-10 a.m.) and Norm Jones (10a-noon). I'll betcha that the format of the show will be slightly similar to the Chamber of Commerce talk heard on Jolly and Jones' shows, but I'd rather listen to the director of the local branch of Northwestern Savings Bank and Trust teach people how to open up a checking account versus a narrow-minded dipshit who hates all Democrats and uses race to call for the impeachment of President Obama.

To add more ridicule for Hannity, WTCM - like most other AM stations in America - powers down at night from 50,000 watts to 1,100. The station booms well into Canada during the day (with a massive null to the South to protect CKWW Windsor, of course), but at night, it only goes north to Petoskey.

(Oh, and Hannity replaces Dennis Miller. Wait, he's still on the air?)

Look, WTCM and owner Ross Biederman are doing a wonderful thing by making the station more focused on Traverse City and less about what some blowhard from New York thinks. True, Rush and Mark Levin seem to be untouched by the changes (AFAIK), but the less right-winged hate 580 spews, the better. TC might not be ready for a 24/7 live and local talk station, but it's a start. Besides, although Republican, TC is quite moderate politically. At least you can still go to the strip club in town and see actual naked girls while the vicious right-wing BS of Grand Rapids forced all the girls to cover up. Plus, there's no billionaires in TC who demand that the public kiss their lily-white ass.

I heard from a source that WTCM pays Clear Channel $30,000 per year to clear Hannity. Since Barr, Froelich and Wares are already on the payroll, I doubt if they're going to bump up their salaries all that much to make a lot of difference. If Hannity's moving to such a late timeslot, chances are that he'll soon join the WTCM Island of Misfit Talkers with the likes of Dr. Laura, Dr. Dean Edell, G. Gordon Liddy, Michael Medved, Bruce Williams, Jim Bohannon and (I'm real sorry to do this) Merlin Dumbrille.

Now, they need to shitcan the sports format on 1310 and give TC a good progressive talker.

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