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12.5.13 Bee-otch of the Day: MPAA

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Name: Motion Picture Association of America
Age: 91
Occupation: raters of movies
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: oral sex = no, gore = yes


The MPAA is at it again.

For years, the film organization has been seemingly more favorable towards violence over sex. For an example: if a film shows a woman's pubes for an x-period of time, it gets an NC-17. But if it contains graphic gore for the entire length of the film, it only gets an R.

Needless to say, it pisses off a lot of people in Hollywood, and Evan Rachel Wood is one of them.

In her latest film, Charlie Countryman co-starring Shia LeBeouf, there's a scene where a woman receives oral sex from a man. However, the scene was cut to obtain an R-rating, so Ms. Wood - a 26-year-old mother - took to Twitter. In her long rant that took more than 140 characters, she bitched at the organization for editing the explicit scene, but allowing a scene where a man's head gets blown off intact.

"After seeing the new cut of ‘Charlie Countryman,’ I would like to share my disappointment with the MPAA, who thought it was necessary to censor a woman’s sexuality once again. The scene where the two main characters make 'love' was altered because someone felt that seeing a man give a woman oral sex made people 'uncomfortable,' but the scenes in which people are murdered by having their heads blown off remained intact and unaltered. "This is a symptom of a society that wants to shame women and put them down for enjoying sex, especially when (gasp) the man isn't getting off as well! It’s hard for me to believe that had the roles been reversed it still would have been cut or had the female character been raped it would have been cut. It’s time for people to grow up. Accept that women are sexual beings. Accept that some men like pleasuring women. Accept that women don't have to just be [used] and say thank you. We are allowed and entitled to enjoy ourselves. It’s time we put our foot down. Thanks for listening." 

It's not known if Wood is the one receiving the lickjob in the film, but she did show boobs and butt in the Beatles-esque Across the Universe, which did get a PG-13 despite also containing an F-bomb, a lot more profanity and some violence.

The truth is, SHE'S RIGHT! Why does society think that it's OK for us to see a dude die versus a man and a woman enjoying their sexuality? I'd rather watch a naked chick run around uncensored over blood and guts any day of the week. Pussy makes me happy. Murder makes me hate the world even more.

Ya know, last week, I was watching some CSI show on CBS and they showed a dead dude in a bathtub. However, earlier that day, I was watching The Mechanic on USA and they blurred out a woman's butt as she got out of bed naked after a sex scene. Stupid.

I think it's time to re-think what's right and what's wrong. It's been a year since the Sandy Hook tragedy and we still have shootings galore. Hell, there was even a shooting at my local shopping mall yesterday, and now I'm kinda scared to go there. It's amazing that since Sandy Hook, our Republican-run, NRA-fed government has done NOTHING to stop it. Yet, when Janet Jackson ACCIDENTALLY showed her right tit during the Super Bowl, hate groups such as the Parents TV Council took action and the FCC raised fines on so-called "indecency".

Folks, sex is good, violence is bad. Plain and simple. Thankfully, there's two movies coming out - Nymphomaniac and 50 Shades of Grey - that are destined for NC-17 ratings. I think if people actually went and saw these movies instead of the blood and guts that the MPAA and mainstream theatre chains say is OK, it will change the way movies are made. It's time for people to wake up. If a woman wants a man to lick her privates on the silver screen, I'd say "go for it".

Just make sure that the man is me. :)
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