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12.9.13 Bee-otch of the Day: the right

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Name: the right
Ages: ageless
Occupation: conservatives
Last Seen: everywhere
Bee-otched For: blasting Nelson Mandela


A great man has left us.

Nelson Mandela wasn't just a role model for his fellow Africans, but all of us. He ended the apartheid that tore apart his nation and allowed black people like himself to run his nation. He served over 20 years in a tiny jail cell, but he was also able to move mountains from that small space.

Sadly, many - especially on the right - wanted Mandela to stay in jail, but he was a (gulp) "terrorist".

Under the Reagan administration, Mandela's African National Congress was a terrorist group, and it wasn't removed from the list until 2008. When Mandela visited the US many years ago, Senator Jesse Helms turned his back when he visited. Jerry Falwell, former VP Dick Cheney and Pat Robertson all attacked Mandela in the 1980's, claiming that overturning South Africa's mostly-white government would be catastrophic for other nations, the US included.

In Robertson's case, he felt that the ANC was pro-communism and anti-Israel.

Well, the right didn't get their wish. Nelson Mandela was freed, became president of South Africa and didn't turn it into a commie nation. Instead, he brought people of all colors together as one.

Of course, after years of poor health, Mandela died last week at the age of 95. He left a legacy of peace and togetherness not just for South Africa, but the world as well. What the religious leaders did was scare people into donating more money to their causes. In Robertson's case, he owned diamond mines in Kenya and was friends with dictators who supported hatred and bigotry.

And that's NOT what God wants, in my humble opinion.

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