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12.2.13 Bee-otch of the Day: Paul Crouch

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Name: Paul Crouch
Age: was 79
Occupation: swindling televangelist
Last Seen: in a place that doesn't have central air conditioning
Bee-otched For: leaving a legacy that would make Jesus shake his head


Maybe, just maybe there's a God after all.

One of television's top televangelists, Paul Crouch is dead. The co-founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network - created in 1973 by Couch, wife Jan and Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker - died on Saturday from heart failure at age 79. While many of TBN's fans praise Dr. Crouch for spreading the word of Jesus to a worldwide audience, he was just another spawn of Satan.

The son of a preacher, Crouch started his TV career managing KRSD, the NBC affiliate in Rapid City, SD in the late 1950's. Under Crouch's guidance, KRSD was one of the weakest NBC affiliates in America because of its poor signal. It signed off for good in 1971, leaving Rapid City without an NBC station for five years.

After stints producing films for the Assemblies of God Church and managing a few more stations, Crouch, his wife Jan and the Bakkers created TBN in 1973. In 1974, TBN purchased their first TV station in Los Angeles and from there on, they've signed on a few more stations and a ton of tiny translator stations in towns big and small.

But like the Bakkers, Jimmy Swaggart and others, Paul Crouch had his demons. Sick ones, too.

In 1998, Crouch paid a former employee $425,000 for making claims that he was ordered to have sex with Crouch to keep his job. According to Crouch, he paid the male worker to avoid a long and painful court case. Now, IMHO, this is proof that Crouch might have been gay, even though he and his fellow preachers all spoke out against homosexuality. Crouch's accuser even took a lie detector test, but the results were never revealed.

But if there's one reason to hate Paul Crouch, it's because before he died, his family became embroiled in a huge scandal. It was revealed that Paul and Jan live in huge gobs of luxury, including his-and-her mansions in Newport Beach, CA and even a house for their dogs. What's sad is that many who give to TBN are on fixed incomes or poor and they are easily brainwashed into thinking that if they give, God will bless them. But since the Crouches make over a million bucks per year, it's worthy of making the man upstairs shake his head.

But if there's a reason to hate Paul Crouch even more, it's the fact that he allowed a rapist to run free. Several years ago, TBN had a conference where their staffers were all staying at a hotel. One of Crouch's granddaughters - Carra, 13 at the time and now 20 - was staying in a room to herself when she allowed a TBN staffer in. He was 30 and carrying a bottle of wine (TBN gave their employees an allowance for alcohol). Well, he gave Carra some wine and while she was asking him to leave the room, he gave her some water to relax her. Immediately, she passed out, and woke up several hours later with blood all over her bedsheets and the man laying next to her. She locked herself in the bathroom, screaming at him to leave. When Carra went to Jan about the incident, she told her that it was her fault, even though she was just 13. TBN did fire the man, but they never charged him with rape, supposedly to maintain their squeaky-clean image. Carra herself wasn't even allowed to talk to police about the incident, which has caused her great mental distress.

Like about 99-point-infinity-nine percent of all televangelists, Paul Crouch was a scumbag, plain and simple. I feel sorry for those who think that he's going to help them make it to Heaven just by giving to them. I have an uncle who gives to them, and he's nowhere near rich. I've told him several times to save his money and that the Crouches are too rich for their own good. Wanna help somebody? Give to a homeless person or somebody down and out.

And right now, Paul Crouch DEFINITELY doesn't need the money.

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