Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1.14.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Townsquare Media

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Name: Townsquare Media
Age: 18
Occupation: media company
Last Seen: Greenwich, CT
Bee-otched For: screwing up their Grand Rapids stations


As the old saying goes, the lesser of all the evils is still evil.

And when it comes to Grand Rapids radio, that's Townsquare Media, which owns WGRD, Channel 95-7, 100.5 The River, Classic Hits 98.7 and 1410 The Touch.

The other two evils, of course are Clear Channel (WOOD-AM/FM, B93, WSNX, WTKG, ESPN 96.1 and 101.3 The Brew) and Cumulus (LAV, Thunder 94.5, WBBL, Hot FM and WJRW). Both companies kiss right-wing ass by syndicating hate talkers like Rush, Michael Savage and Hannity, Cumulus banned the Dixie Chicks from their stations because of Natalie Maines' anti-Bush statement and both companies replaced Howard Stern on their stations with low-rent wannabes.

Thankfully, in Townsquare's case, they've never ditched Stern from their stations, even when he announced that he was moving to Sirius. Yeah, some of their stations are hate talk, but I'll betcha that one of their country stations are playing "Landslide" as I'm typing this. Here in Grand Rapids, they've proven that an active rock station can still survive in the age of shitty slut pop and a bunch of assclowns who dress up like it's 1876 who play shitty folk music and call it rock. WGRD is near the top of the ratings thanks to the popular Free Beer and Hot Wings program and decent jocks like Jackie Green and Shaffee. However, WGRD still is missing a few things, like, oh, a full-time night jock and especially a PD. According to sources, WGRD is being programmed by Townsquare corporate, and as long as the ratings are good, the lunatics can run the asylum.

However, the sad thing about Townsquare right now is their firing of morning jocks Andy O'Reilly and Dave Kaechle from Classic Hits 98.7 last week. According to corporate, their ratings weren't that great, although it has sparked outrage from former listeners. Now, Craig Russell is their only jock. It is not known what will happen to the station, which at times shares their ratings with sister 100.5 The River.

Recently, WFGR also lost their midday jock, Matt Hendricks as well.

Now, I do wonder why Townsquare is trying to kill WFGR and not The River, a station with a music mix aimed at old farts. But, that's radio 4 ya. The people aspect of the medium disappeared a long time ago. Now, the people have spoken, and instead of Walkmans, they plug their headphones in their Samsung Galaxies. But what might be more tragic is that instead of seeing loser jocks being shown the door, it's hard workers who are the chosen ones. I hope Andy and Dave will be back on their feet again. Even more, I hope Townsquare gets their shit in order.

But then again, what do you expect from a market where your station is at the bottom of the ratings and STILL have a huge afternoon show only five people listen to?


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