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1.21.14 Bee-otch of the Day: northern Michigan's 9&10 and Fox 32

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Name: Heritage Broadcasting
Age: 31
Occupation: owners, WWTV 9&10 and WFQX Fox 32
Last Seen: Cadillac, MI
Bee-otched For: proving that people don't like their programming decisions

It's a shame that thanks to below-the-desk deals, northern Michigan now has fewer TV choices than that of Marquette these days.

Yes, THAT Marquette, where for years, WLUC-TV 6 was predominately with CBS, but found ways to shoehorn in programs from either NBC or ABC, depending on what network WJMN-3 was with that week. Now, WLUC is full-blown NBC and WJMN is CBS. ABC's on WBUP-10, Fox is on WLUC-6.2, The WB is on WBKP-5 and MyNetworkTV is on WZMQ-19, which also has This TV and Antenna TV.

In all, four companies own all the stations in da you pee. Sadly, northern Michigan is stuck with - for the most part, and not counting low-powered MyNetworkTV WLLZ-12 and all-news WMNN-26 - two owners: Heritage Broadcasting runs CBS WWTV-9&10 and Fox 32 WFQX while anti-Obama Sinclair owns NBC WPBN 7&4 and ABC 29&8 WGTU.

True, Heritage *should* be the lesser of all the evils up north. They're locally owned by a fellow named Mario Iacobelli whereas WPBN/WGTU are owned by Sinclair, which is known for their bias against the Democratic Party and even yanked shows such as an episode of Nightline for revealing the names of all the people who died in Dubya's fake war in Iraq.

But sadly, the lesser of all the evils is still evil.

True, since Heritage took over WFQX, their news quality has improved by a ton, especially since the newscasts are produced by 9&10. But programming-wise, it's a joke. One of the first things Heritage did when they "purchased" Fox 32 was move Maury to the 3 a.m. graveyard and put The 700 Club on at 10 a.m. Eventually, Maury got the boot and was off northern Michigan TV for about a year or two until WGTU picked it up for the 2013-14 TV season. Now, Fox 32 is a joke filled with cheating televangelists, infomercials, 3rd-rate repeats of old TV shows and the god-awful Bethanny.

Last week on their Facebook page, 9&10 posted a promo for Ellen on their Facebook page. Her guest was none other than Kim Kardashian. Viewers made comments such as "quit making stupid people famous" and "It's just really saddens me that this country is so pathetic that we spend time focusing on people like this instead of important things". I wrote "And sadly, nobody up north airs Jerry Springer. His show is a helluva lot more intelligent than anything the Kardashians have done".

Oh, I got two likes from that comment. I might be on to something.

Yeah, I know. The northern Michigan region isn't the smartest region in the state. All the high schoolers go downstate to college and they stay downstate until they get old and retire. Those who never went to college up north probably make crappy wages because they were a D student at best. But that's the business of television for ya. The lesser the IQ, the more viewers you get. It's worked for Honey Boo-Boo and Duck Dynasty and it'll work for shows like Ellen. But thankfully, the viewers have spoken.

Oh, and guess what Fox 32's airing next weekend? Yep! The yearly 700 Club beg-a-thon! For three hours next Sunday, Fox 32 will air the crapfest in which Pat Robertson will beg poor dumbasses to give him all of their money to keep up with his lavish lifestyle while they dive further into the poor house. Only one other secular station in Michigan airs The 700 Club and it's WMYD-20 in Detroit.

Personally, I would like the FCC to look into companies that have other companies "own" their stations for them. Heritage has a guy from Arizona own Fox 32 for them while 29&8 is "owned" by Cunningham Broadcasting, which owns stations for Sinclair. I think the people up north deserve more choices instead of fake celebrities and televangelists telling them to give them their money. Also, the thought of rebroadcasting 9&10 on 32.2, 32 on 9&10.2, 7&4 on 29&8.2 is quite stupid. Hell, when Max Media owned 29&8, at least they had The CW on their .2! Now, it's only on cable. At least here in Grand Rapids, we have Antenna TV, Bounce TV, MeTV, ThisTV and a few others on our .2s, and a lot of the time, they have better shows than what's on cable.

In a few weeks, a famous event in television history's 50th anniversary will occur, and I'm planning on giving the Bee-otch of the Day to a big TV market that missed out on it because of two owner stupidity.

Don't miss it!


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