Monday, January 27, 2014

1.27.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Justin Bieber

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Name: Justin Bieber
Age: 19
Occupation: shitty pop singer
Last Seen: Florida
Bee-otched For: proving that it's time for him to get deported


Since he hit the scene a few years ago, what has Justin Bieber proved?

Well, he can play just about every instrument possible, but sadly, he puts it into bad use by singing pop songs so saccharine-indused that it will give one the diabeetus.

Now, the pop tart is facing deportation because last week, he was busted for underage drunk driving and having cannabis and prescription meds in his system while drag racing his Lamborghini. He's now facing jail time and possible deportation.

Oh, and I find it funny that Mr. Bieber is a practicing Christian. Is it me, or are "practicing Christians" more prone to DUIs than that of normal people? Look at Glen Campbell, Mel Gibson, Scott Stapp and others. Somewhere, Jesus' palm is slapping his head.

I think people who have lost family to drunk driving accidents should be storming mad at Bieber for his irratic decisions. I hope by the time he releases another album, it'll debut so low that his label will drop him and he'll end up playing bad clubs in rural Canada. It's time to deport the little fucker and not allow him back in the good 'ol U.S. of A.

It's too bad Patti Mallette was too anti-abortion when she got knocked up.


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