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1.20.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Freedom Industries

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Name: Freedom Industries
Age: 22
Occupation: chemical distributor
Last Seen: Charleston, WV
Bee-otched For: getting away with murder

Or should we say, "getting away with making water undrinkable"?

A week and a half ago, a storage tank carrying an organic compound used to clean coal leaked into the Elk River in West Virginia. Over 7,500 gallons of MCHM spilled from the tanks. Residents noticed a licorice-like scent to the water supply, and it was deemed undrinkable.

The spill has affected the entire Charleston area, virtually 300,000 residents. It was the third spill to happen within the past five years in the area. The state's governor, Earl Ray Tomblin told residents to abstain from using the water to drink, cook, wash or anything humanly possible. The state's National Guard was there to provide residents with clean water. President Obama even activated FEMA to help out residents.

According to records, the leaked facility hasn't been inspected since 1992. The leak might have been caused by the Polar Vortex that affected the country two weeks ago.

Now, Freedom Industries, the plant's owner has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, apparently from all the lawsuits the company has obtained since the spill occurred. So, in other words, they want the taxpayers to pay for THEIR mishap instead of being the responsible ones.

Ya know, it's amazing that our country is still reliant on things that destroy our ecology, such as coal, gasoline and oil when we can use wind turbines, solar power and electric-powered cars to move our country safely and securely. But thanks to greedy billionaires like the Koch Brothers and companies like Freedom, everything's all a pipe dream. Now, we have fracking to get natural gas, which has done nothing but make water undrinkable.

I think it's time to take a stand against the polluters of the world. We should all feel sorry for the people of West Virginia who deserve a good life like the rest of us. To have their water taken away from them all in the name of polluting is nothing but morally wrong.

As somebody said on Facebook, we oughta make Charlie and David drink some of that polluted water.


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