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2.20.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Judy Cox

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Name: Judy Cox
Age: 54
Occupation: ??
Last Seen: Provo, UT
Bee-otched For: playing morality police


Looks like PacSun has a new customer: me.

Sometimes, when somebody bans something, it only promotes them. In the case of Judy Cox, she's on a mission: getting so-called "filth" out of the popular mall retailer.

Last week, Ms. Cox went shopping with her 18-year-old son at the University Mall in Orem, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City. She and her son went to PacSun and was aghast seeing a display of t-shirts that contained models in provocative poses. The shirts, known as Visual by Van Styles, show models wearing lingerie or even no clothes at all but covering up their naughty bits.

So, what is a doting mother of an ADULT child to do? Simple. She took all the shirts off the display and purchased them all, totaling $567. Her plan is to take the shirts in to the county commissioner to see if the shirts are indecent and to return the shirts to PacSun 59 days after she bought them. Utah County - where the PacSun in particular is -  has very strict indecency laws in part due to Utah's ultra-conservative Mormon leanings.

According to one of the managers of PacSun, Ms. Cox was the first person to complain about their display. If you're the only person who complains about semi-nudity in a store display in an ultra-conservative area, that speaks a lot.

When asked why she's offended by PacSun's sexy displays and not the ones used at Victoria's Secret, she claims that VS's clientele is way different than that of PacSun's which is aimed towards teens and young adults. However, VS was forced to remove one display at the mall a while back for containing too much nudity per the county ordinance.

You know, even though I think it's a cult, I respect the people of Utah's choice of religion, even though Mormonism is dying. I think people know that Mormonism was founded on a bunch of lies and are trying to break free of it's sick lifestyle. However, I feel that if people like Judy Cox want to tell me what I can and can't buy, well, guess what? I now plan on going to the PacSun down the street this weekend to buy a Visual shirt and maybe some shoes. All the morality police does is tell people like me what to buy so I can piss them off. What's her problem? She bad in the sack?

All this from a woman whose last name is "Cox". (giggle giggle)


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