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2.24.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Bill Cosby

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Name: Bill Cosby
Age: 76
Occupation: comedian, actor
Last Seen: ??
Bee-otched For: being America's favorite hypocrite


Last year, a televangelist puppeteer who was part of a kid's show on TBN was to 20 years in prison for child pornography and conspiring to want to eat dead children.

On his show Joy Junction, Ronald Brown told kids about the so-called dangers of looking at porn. Since then, it has gone viral.

In a 1979 episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids called "Softcore", the gang hangs out with a young man who distributes porn to them. In the end, Fat Albert teaches children that all porno does is tell people that women are nothing more than sex slaves and that the best, honest way for people to learn about sex is through their parents or teachers.

This coming from Bill Cosby, a man who was a regular at the Playboy mansion, has written several articles for the magazine and has been accused of sexually assaulting women over the years.

It's proof positive that people who bash porn have some issues themselves. Earlier this month, a few women who accused the legendary entertainer of assaulting them came forward to the media and told their stories. California lawyer Tamara Green told Newsweek Magazine that in the 1970's, she was a young, aspiring model who met Cosby through her plastic surgeon. One day, she was feeling sick, and Cosby invited her to have lunch at a restaurant. He handed her two pills, and 20 minutes later, she was feeling better, but 30 minutes later, she was "face down" in her soup. Cosby took her home and because she was so sick from taking Cosby's pills, he started to undress her and she tried to fight him off. She took a lamp and threw at it the window and he ran off. She woke up later and found that Cosby left her two $100 bills on the table. She was pissed.

A day later, Green went to the children's hospital to visit her sick brother. She got angry when Cosby - who had visited the children there - have given them presents. Green's brother was given a portable radio.

For two decades, Ms. Green was silent about her attempted rape by Cosby, but after hearing about many women who had come forward about him trying to rape them, she stepped forward herself. However Cosby's team had the judge throw out the accusations in court fearing that they would ruin his credibility. After all, many consider him as one of Hollywood's big A-listers for all he's done to the industry.

A week later, Newsweek published an interview from Barbara Bowman, another woman claiming that Cosby abused her multiple times in the 1980's when she was in her late teens. She claimed that Cosby drugged her to the point that she blacked out and was vomiting in a toilet. The last time Cosby attacked her was when he claimed she embarrassed him because the hotel they were staying at lost her luggage, so she beat her and tried to pull off his pants to rape her. After the incident, the aspiring actress was dropped by her agent and was kicked out of her house for embarrassing the comedian. She tried to personally sue Cosby, but her lawyer laughed her out the office.

In the end, the 12 women who sued Cosby all accepted a settlement. Plain and simple, Cosby didn't want to deal with a court case that would have derailed his career and even his now-50-year marriage to Camille. Recently, Cosby announced that he was creating a new "multi-generational" sitcom for NBC that reunites him with Cosby Show co-star Phylicia Rashad and that show's producers, Carsey/Werner as well. He's also at work creating a new version of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

It's sad that Cosby's victims were left voiceless while he was out making millions starring in TV shows and touring the country with his stand-up act. The only real reason why Bill is so loved by many is because he's black, he doesn't swear and he entertains children. Yet, he's a two-faced prick.

If he were to tell the truth, his confession would sound like this: "yes, I give her those pizzils, and she plippity plopped them in to her mouth and then she fell head first into the sizzoup and I took her to the hotel where I treated her with my Jello Pudding Pop...."


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