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5.19.14 Bee-otch of the Day: WINK-TV

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Age: 60
Occupation: CBS-TV affiliate
Last Seen: Fort Myers, FL
Bee-otched For: smacking around Five Finger Death Punch
In a 
world when many TV stations - including smaller ones - are controlled by big, evil media giants like Sinclair and Media General, we should be thankful that there's a few major network stations out there that are still locally owned.

WINK-TV in Fort Myers, FL is one of them, still being owned by the McBride family after 60 years of operation (WWTV in Cadillac here in Michigan is another independent). But sadly, small town news is still filled with bullshit that will make otherwise good people look bad.

Recently, the CBS affiliate took a shot at heavy metal gods Five Finger Death Punch after they ran a report where a nine-year-old girl named Olivia was at one of their concerts and was on her dad's arms when she was let on stage. Lead singer Ivan Moody went on to chant "burn motherfucker burn" repeatedly while the crowd repeated him while the girl was in Moody's arms. The girl's father, Mark Douglas, told WINK-TV that nine-year-olds like her will hear it everywhere: movies, TV, video games, you name it. Yes, it's a naughty word, but who the fuck cares.

However, WINK went to an attorney who watched the YouTube clip and claimed that it was abuse, plain and simple. He claimed that 5FDP's lyrics promote violence, plain and simple. They interviewed the sheriff of Lee County who worked to stop Ludacris from performing at the park where 5FDP performed, claiming that they're working to protect children from the profanities made by rappers and hard rockers.

WINK talked to some of the promoters of the concerts and claimed that they don't necessarily agree with what some of the bands have to say, it's up to the parents to decide what's good for their children. Meanwhile, WINK also found other videos of Moody taking kids up stage and having them yell the same phrase, "burn motherfucker burn!"

So, slow day for news in Fort Myers, huh, WINK? So rock and rap is bad, huh? How about regular pop music where we have Slutty Cyrus dancing around on an inflatable penis or Ke$ha chugging her own pee? Or country music which has a deep and rich history of racism or oldies and classic rock acts who are missing more than half their members because they all died from drug use? How about Christian bands whose members are all rich off of God's word like evil televangelists?

The point is: ALL MUSIC IS EVIL! Kids will listen to what's good for them and if parents don't like it, it's their problem. Controversial music has always been around since the dark ages and we've lived through it all. Personally, I'd rather have a kid who likes 5FDP over some bubble gum shit that they'll regret that they listened to when they were nine.

Rock 'n roll is here to stay, my friend....


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