Thursday, May 8, 2014

5.8.14 Bee-otch of the Day: NBCUniversal

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Name: NBCUniversal
Age: 88
Occupation: media giant
Last Seen: New York City, NY
Bee-otched For: ruining the Olympics for another 18 years

If you were going to have a kid soon, by the time it moves out of the house, NBC would have hopefully aired its final Olympics.

NBCUniversal announced yesterday that it will air the event until at least 2032. The deal will cost the media giant at least $7.75 billion. Years ago, NBC paid $3.5 billion to carry the games from 2000 to 2012 and $4.4 billion to carry all games through 2022.

However, many feel that NBC's Olympic coverage is inferior to other networks in other countries, such as the BBC or CBC's. NBC notoriously tape-delays games to prime time for ratings purposes, especially if the games are in a country several time zones away. Some even blasted NBC when during the opening ceremonies at the London games a few years ago, they decided to air an interview from Tinker Bell himself, Ryan Seacrest in the place of a tribute to the victims of the 7/7 attacks.

What's even more cringeworthy is that the IOC didn't accept bids this time for network rights; they approached NBC themselves. After all, criticism or not, the London Olympics were the highest-rated in US TV history. The next games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 might be easier for NBC since they're only one time zone away from the eastern US, but it'll be exciting to see if the Peacock will lovingly dick it up.

Nonetheless, maybe Bob Costas will get a blue nose next time around.


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