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5.5.14 Bee-otch of the Day: The Republican Party

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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 160
Occupation: asskissers to the rich
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: leaving the middle class in the dust

The GOP has done it again.

On Wednesday, the senate voted on a bill that would increase the minimum wage from the current $7.25 per hour to $10.10 in a span of 30 months. The bill did get the majority of the vote, 54-46, but it needed 60 votes to pass.

The typical Republican response: "oh, this bill's gonna kill small business!"

Yeah, small businesses like Walmart and McDonald's.

Time for a history lesson: 50 years ago, the nation's largest employer was GM. Adjusted for inflation, their workers were making $50 per hour. Multiply that by 40 hours, that's $2,000 per week. A man who worked for GM's wife didn't have to work, they could save for their kids' college education and they could get a new car every two years. Now, the nation's largest employer is Walmart, whose average worker makes less than $8 per hour and doesn't work over 38 1/2 hours to prevent Wally World from paying overtime.

For years, Walmart has claimed that they can't give their workers raises, but the problem is the fact that the Walton family are all billionaires and one of them, Alice spent a billion bucks building an art museum in their hometown of Bentonville, AR. If you spend a billion on a fucking art museum and your workers are being forced to buy their groceries on food stamps, there's a problem.

But hey! That's the Republican way, especially since the days of Reagan! During his tenure as president, the minimum wage didn't go up ONCE. But it did only a few times under the presidents that proceeded him. If the minimum wage went up to $10.10, adjusted for inflation, those making the minimum would be making the same wage as somebody back in 1968! To anybody who busts their ass on a daily basis, that's technically an insult.

But that's what happens when we don't fight and don't stick to our guns. When Obama was elected president in 2008, things were looking up. But then, the Tea Party and the Koch Brothers started smearing the president over everything from the lies about him being born in Kenya to him being a Muslim. So, we re-elected the same assholes who threw us down the well in 2008 with the economic breakdown that crippled America. Now, instead of creating jobs and boosting the minimum wage, congress and the senate has turned into a broken record of wanting to kill the ACA while job creation since they took over has slowed down to a trickle.

Folks, last week, I saw not one, but TWO beggars at the same street corner here in Grand Rapids. It's pathetic when we don't do enough to help those who have been unemployed for longer than the six-month allotment and jobs are scarce. Even for me, I get flustered that I've been working for the same company for almost 12 years but my paycheck is a joke. I have looked for other jobs, but there's nothing out there.

As the great Trent Reznor once proclaimed, "bow down before the one you serve, you're gonna get what you deserve". You wanted Reagan, you ended up with union-busting, tax cuts for the mega-wealthy and a killed stock market. You wanted Bush I and you got lied about taxes and jobs being scarce. However, you brought in Clinton and the deficit was erased but with Bush II, we ended up in three fake wars, lies about the worst disaster in American history and people and one of the worst economic breakdowns in history.

I want Obama to succeed, goddammit. But, he needs a Democratic government to achieve it. The Republicans are corrupt and will do anything for their sugardaddies, big business. I think that if you're stuck in that financial rut where you're not moving ahead in life, EVERYBODY needs to vote straight-ticket Democrat in this mid-term election. It's time we moved forward instead of letting Charlie and David move us back.

The GOP: fucking us over since 1981.


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