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7.16.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Walmart

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Name: Walmart
Age: 52
Occupation: big ass corporation
Last Seen: Bentonville, AR
Bee-otched For: 
killing people over lack of sleep. Always.
It's official: Tracy Morgan is suing Walmart.

As many of you recall, several weeks ago, the SNL and 30 Rock star was seriously injured when the Mercedes-Benz limo bus he was in with several other comics was rear-ended by a semi-truck from Walmart on a New Jersey expressway. Morgan's friend and co-headliner, James McNair was killed while Morgan suffered multiple injuries, including broken ribs and a broken leg.

The comic was hospitalized for five weeks and is resting at home comfortably. He was seen on camera at his home walking out to his SUV in a walker, holding a peace sign and saying, "I'm OK!" on Monday.

Now, the comic is going into some serious matters by suing the retailer because the driver of the truck that injured him and killed his friend was awake for 24 hours straight and fell asleep behind the wheel. The driver, Kevin Roper has pleaded not guilty for vehicular homicide. The lawsuit states that the retailer should have known that Roper was awake for a full day before hitting the wheel. Walmart has said that they are cooperating in the investigation.

Some wonder why would Walmart do something like this, but that's the case of big business. Working until Midnight tonight? Good! Be back here at 6 a.m. Who needs sleep? I've done that shit before and it's not fun. Lack of sleep is not good for anybody and it sure isn't good when you're driving a semi from Georgia up to New Jersey.

But that's what happens, folks when we allow companies to dissolve unions and make up their own rules. Safety is no longer an issue and that's why people need to support companies that support their workers and not the other way around. I'm proud that I don't support Walmart at all and hope that Morgan won't pussy out and settle out of court. He deserves every penny from this lawsuit and bear in mind, Walmart can afford it.

That will definitely put Walmart's smile upside down.


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