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7.21.14 Bee-otch of the Day: Rick Snyder

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Name: Rick Snyder
Age: 56
Occupation: failed CEO
Last Seen: Ann Arbor, MI
Bee-otched For: pulling another Watergate
In 1974, the media had a field day when Richard Nixon hired some spies to find some secrets in the Watergate Hotel.

Of course, that little brouhaha cost Nixon his presidency and his spies were all thrown into jail. Thanks to Gerald Ford naturally pardoning Nixon, he never saw a second of jail time, although he did admit it during his interviews with David Frost.

Forty years ago, cable TV was in its infancy and there weren't as many channels to choose from regarding news. Most of us waited til 6:30 for Walter Cronkite to read off the world's happenings. Now, we're flooded with those same networks, plus CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and the internet for our news.

It's just too bad when another scandal happens, the media goes, "meh."

Right now, Gov. Rick Snyder has a scandal on his hands and the media doesn't care. Last week, video surfaced of two MIGOP staffers who used sophisticated video equipment who invaded a private residence in West Bloomfield - near Detroit - that was hosting a private fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer. However, the two - intern Kyle Anderson and press secretary Natalie Collins - left the footage behind. Schauer's campaign posted their wonton efforts on his YouTube page, seen above.

In the video, they introduce themselves to the doorman, who recognized them from a previous event. They took shots at the decor of the house and even wondered if they should have introduced themselves to Lisa Brown, Schauer's running mate. They didn't seem to fit in and some wondered if they should have been kicked out. They left because a woman was looking at them funny and knew that the two were onto something. Anderson and Collins left, but accidentally left the footage behind.

According to the only TV station in west Michigan that even talked about Snyder's snafu, WXMI Fox 17, Schauer has accused Snyder of using spying tactics to get himself re-elected. At a townhall meeting in Coldwater, a man dressed like a CNN reporter was there, but he didn't work for the news channel. Another incident regarded a Snyder intern who tried to get a job with the Schauer campaign.

Without a doubt, Snyder is playing dirty pool to get himself another term as Michigan's governor. Our state has the third WORST unemployment rate in America and yet this asshole thinks we're seeing progress. The truth is, Snyder's tactics are only benefiting the DeVoses and other Michigan elitists. I hope that Schauer will make a federal investigation into Snyder's BS. After all, Schauer and Snyder are in a dead heat in the polls.

The tragedy in all this is the fact that with the exception of Fox 17 - which is owned by Tribune - our local news media - WOOD-TV 8 (NBC, owned by LIN Media but being sold to Media General), WZZM-13 (ABC, Gannet) and WWMT 3 (CBS and owned by *SURPRISE* Sinclair) has ignored this story that needs a lot of attention. IMHO, since this is an election year, which generates into mega ad revenues for them, they're scared that if they bash Snyder, there goes their profits since big corporations and other wealthy assholes like the Kochs are behind him. Plus, since we mentioned Sinclair, let's not forget how far in bed they are with the Republicans, too. Let's also not forget that WOOD's asskissing of the DeVoses, especially by over-promoting ArtPrize and having Amway as part of their "Connecting With Community".

The more I think about it, this will be a red-letter year for the Democrats. The Repukes haven't done jack shit in four years to improve this country and Snyder is proof positive. If Snyder is talking about Michigan rebounding, then why do I see beggars on the street corners? Why are people with four-year college degrees working minimum wage at Walmart? The point is, Snyder is way out of reality and I sure as hope that he'll be sent packing back to Ann Arbor this Fall.

Or even better: JAIL.


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