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7.31.14 Bee-otch of the Day: John Balyo

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Name: John Balyo
Age: 35
Occupation: has-been Christian jock
Last Seen: in a Kalamazoo jail
Bee-otched For: GUILTY
It's official: John Balyo will be in jail for a long, long time.

On Tuesday, the ex-WCSG 91.3 morning jock plead guilty in a Kalamazoo County courtroom for photographing sex acts he made on a 12-year-old boy while the child was in restraints in a sadist and masochistic manner. He admitted to a judge that what he did was wrong.

His charges could bring the former Christian radio personality 50 years in the slammer. He is scheduled to be sentenced in November. Currently, he is held without bond.

He also faces more charges in neighboring Calhoun County for forcing an 11-year-old boy to have oral sex on him at a Fairfield Inn in Battle Creek. The man who helped set out the encounter, Ronald Mosier, was paid by Balyo to do so.

Homeland Security agents searched Balyo's home and found lots of paraphernalia, such as a bondage kit that included duct tape, handcuffs, children's socks and articles on missing children. 

It is unknown if Balyo's sentences will be held at the same time or at different times.

OK, so this asshole was supposed to be the salt and light for a lot of people in west Michigan and yet he does something so disgusting and heinous. Why? When it was discovered that Balyo was sexually assaulting children, it sent shockwaves for many here. WCSG is a popular station, but I think many will abandon them because of what happened. True, many hardcore Christians are praying for Balyo and his victims, but I think for many like myself, WCSG stands for "We Crave Sexy Gradeschoolers".

Sorry, but John Balyo is a sick, twisted soul. He's wrecked a lot of lives and the children he raped may never recover. I hope he dies in jail because he does not deserve any freedom for what he did, period.

In the end, I hope the blood of Jesus touches Balyo's victims.


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