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7.28.14 Bee-otch of the Day: The Today Show

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Name: The Today Show
Age: 62
Occupation: morning news program on NBC
Last Seen: New York, NY
Bee-otched For: putting the smack down on Michael Moore

And people wonder why Good Morning America is kicking ass in the ratings.

Last week, NBC aired a piece during Today that reported on the divorce between Michael Moore and his wife of over 20 years and co-producer of his hit movies, Kathleen Glynn. The piece practically blasted Moore for the fact that he's supposed to be this leader for the 99% but lives in luxury in a $2 million house overlooking Torch Lake near Bellaire, the county seat of mostly-Republican Antrim County and has a population of only 1,100. The piece also revealed that some of the rumored residents of that area include Madonna and Bruce Willis.

Many of the people NBC interviewed on the street seemed to have a negative view on Moore, claiming that he's a hypocrite for standing up to the mega-wealthy but the fact is, is that he's rich himself. However, one person did stand out and said that Moore deserves it because, well, his films and projects make money. After all, Fahrenheit 9/11 made over $200 million world-wide.

The piece failed to mention the fact that this week, Moore's Traverse City Film Festival is in full effect and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary. The story didn't mention that Moore saved a classic downtown movie house, the State Theatre from turning into an eyesore. As a matter of fact, many other movie theatres in northern Michigan are even showing selections from the TCFF; the Elk Rapids Cinema showed the movie Sister last week to sold-out crowds.

But yet, NBC shows a man who had spent most of his career as somebody who has been exploiting the right as a wealthy SOB who lives in a $2 million mansion on a lake while his old hometown of Flint lies in ruins.

But.... here's why I think NBC ran that shit piece: guess who's a correspondent on Today?

THAT'S RIGHT! None other than Dubya's drunk bar slut daughter, Jenna. No wonder why Today's ratings are like Kathie Lee Gifford's boobs: SAGGING. Some people bitch about Chelsea Clinton's lack of involvement with the network, but personally, I think she's a hell of a lot more deserving than somebody whose father threw us into fake wars and cheated hard-working Americans out of their jobs and homes.

Here's my take: MICHAEL MOORE IS MORE DESERVING OF A $2 MILLION HOME THAN A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE THEM. Not to forget the fact that Moore gives out a lot of his money to help people in need. Moore's mansion is tiny comparing to assholes like Bible thumpers like Joel Osteen and mega-millionaires like "Papa John" Schlatter who screw over people for their money. Why doesn't NBC report on these people?

So where do you want Michael Moore to live? A shack?


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